Iran gives up 64% of her massive new oil, in exchange for Russian protection of “regime” in case of Face-Off with opposition – foreign or domestic!

Iran gives up 64% of her massive new oil, in exchange for Russian protection of “regime” in case of Face-Off with opposition – foreign or domestic!

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In yet another humiliating deal, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has agreed to surrender to the Russians a significant parcel of the newly discovered reservoirs of oil and natural gas in Iran’s Caspian waters, in exchange for Russia’s support. Based on the agreement a garrison of 80,000 Russian soldiers will have permission to penetrate Iran’s soil as far as 70 kilometers south of Anzali Harbor, under the pretext of protecting the resources, but in reality Ayatollah’s regime.

A similar contract had previously been entered into by both sides in 2008, signed by Massoud MirKazemi, Iranian oil minister at the time and his Russian counterpart. The contract included a military clause in an addendum signed by Iranian General Firoozabadi on behalf of Ayatollah Khamenei and a Russian Naval Commander.

In the following two years the discoveries began to produce results, however, the subsequent 2011 studies proved that the newly discovered reservoirs had the capacity to produce significantly higher volumes of oil and natural gas than previously reported.

In a press conference in May 2011, Iranian officials formally announced the discovery of 46 new reservoirs of oil and natural gas at 7300 feet depth of the Caspian basin and that the extraction process will soon begin. However, based on statistical information obtained, GEI reports the real number of new discoveries to be 71 not 46, and that the Islamic Republic’s betrayal of the country does not stop at reporting inaccurate information, but it also includes giving up the Northern land, the security of Caspian shores and plundering the national wealth.

The following is a partial list of the components of this anti-nationalist agreement:

1- Based on the original 2008 Iran-Russia agreement, TAT Oil-Iran Sadr Consortium was formed to organize and oversee the economic and diplomatic aspects of this giant project. The legal department of TAT is located in Astara province (NW Iran) and its operations and accounting departments in Moscow. The chief purpose of the organization is to protect the mutual oil deals from the sanctions, and to conceal the extent of diplomatic, economic and military ties between the two countries – certainly not intended for protection of the crisis-ridden Iranian population, but for safeguarding the interests of the ruling Military-Intelligence, under the protective umbrella of the office of Ayatollah Khamenei and that of the Russian oil companies, the majority shareholders of which are none other than Vladimir Putin and his wife.

2- Russian shareholders of the consortium consist of Gazprom, LukOil and RosNeft, with Vladimir Putin holding major stakes at the private oil company, LukOil, directly controlling the affairs of RosNeft, and having his representative as a constant member of the consortium.

3- As the first step in concealing facts, Iranian oil industry officials under-report the number of newly-discovered oil fields as 46, instead of 71.

4- Official reports of the new Caspian fields’ output is estimated at 7 billion barrels of oil and 50 trillion cubic foot of gas, while the real numbers exceed 11 billion barrels and 138 trillion cf.

5- Majority of the new oil/gas fields in the Iranian territory of Caspian are located in Sardar-Jangal, Azeri, Qamsar Alam and Anaran.

6- Iranian officials report the monetary value of the new oil and gas fields as $770 billion and $130 billion respectively, while based on the current market, the value of oil fields tops $1.26 trillion and gas $350 billion.

7- Consortium shares divided between Russia and Iran are agreed at 64.9% – 35.1% respectively. On the Russian side, 10% of total proceeds go to Putin and family, the rest to the oil companies. Iranian side will give 20% to TAT-Oil (and subsidiary TAT-Neft on Kish Island.) And 15.1% will be divided between approximately 400 of the country’s political, military, judicial and clerical members. Partial list of names include Khamenie’s children: Mojtaba, Mostafa, Maysam, Hasan, Nazyeh, Hoda and Massoud. Other notable names are: Ayatollahs: Jannati – Javani – Hedayatzadeh – Shariatmadari – Mohammad and Mojtaba Mesbah-Yazdi. Army Generals: Ali and Hassan Firoozabadi – Massoud Jazayeri – Abdollah Araqi, as well as MP Haddad Adel – Hossein Shahmoradi, Business man Asgaroladi and of course the Larijani Brothers … to name a few among the 400.

8- All financial accounting for both sides will be conducted in the Moscow based office and based on volume of production and export, shares will be calculated and funded to each party accordingly. Of course, a substantial portion of the (concealed) proceeds — multitudes of $100 billion – has already been allocated to covert expansion of Military, Intelligence and Nuclear activities of “Both Countries.”

9- Agreements already signed by Iranian General Firoozabadi and Russian Naval command, hold the Russian Navy responsible for security of Caspian peninsula including but not limited to oil and gas field regions, related drills, piers, distribution networks (despite being entirely in Iranian territory) plus an interesting request made by Iran for permanent presence of Russian navy in Iranian waters.

10- Russian military is allowed not only to install its defense bases on Iranian soil, but also in cases of emergency, to penetrate into Iran as far as 70 kilometers south of Anzali Port, in collaboration with Iranian Sepaah – Revolutionary Guards; except for instances warranting security measures involving the use of S-300 missiles which would solely be operated by Russian military officers.

11- Russian military forces will stand ready for immediate response to Iran’s call for action, and moving further into Iran than the 70-kilometer mark, will be contingent on Ayatollah Khamenei’s permission.

12- In case of a military conflict, Russia is allowed to deploy to Iran as many as 80, 000 of its soldiers for a period of 3 months. Additional time or numbers, to be determined by Iran at the time.

13- Russia will defend Iran on political and military fronts and will side with the regime against any domestic or Western-induced opposition. To that end, any military strike or acts of aggression by Nato or regional forces that may jeopardize “Russian” interests in Caspian oil and gas (inside Iran) will be construed as a threat against Russian national security, therefore, faced with Russian defense. The statement made by the Russian representative at Nato press conference in Brussels on January 13, clearly stemmed from this agreement. “Any military conflict in Iran will be taken as a direct threat against Moscow’s security.”

14- Both Iran and Russia will conduct military maneuvers in the Caspian region, when deemed necessary, attended by military representatives of both sides. As such, a major Russian military maneuver is expected in the near future.

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