New York Blacks Start Obligatory Looting, Rioting in Face of Hurricane Irene

Poughkeepsie, New York – The New York blacks are being predictable and robbing everyone in face of Hurricane Irene. New York is renown for its impressive crime rates, but now that a national event is taking place much as seen in the notorious LA riots and post-Katrina mayhem, blacks are using their innate ability to steal in the time of great need.

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With all the Wal-marts in inner-city Harlem and Queens ransacked, post New Yorkers as far away as Poughkeepsie are reporting a higher incidence of ‘masked black roaming the store’.

Fortunately to date, blacks seen outside their normal areas of shopping don’t seem armed and seem keened on taking the last of water, sugary drinks and though not in the report, I would assume chicken-flavored products.

If you find yourself caught in the midst of a rioting black that does not look like they are from the suburbs, do not make any sudden movements. Just let them pick what they need and that is usually all they want when they enter survival mode, somewhat like a cornered coon kitty. That is not racist, it is just stating the facts.


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