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Child Killer Has His Victim’s Name Tattooed on His Forehead

Child Killer Has His Victim’s Name Tattooed on His Forehead

The body of Katie Collman, a 10-year old southern Indiana girl, was found last year in a creek near Seymour, Indiana. The search for Katie had consumed the small town of Crothersville, her home town. Her body was found five days after her disappearance. Police initially believed she had been abducted and killed to keep her from telling anyone about the methamphetamine activity taking place in her neighborhood.

Officials arrested a suspect in the case, but the charges were later dropped when the investigation began pointing strongly toward Anthony Stockelman, the man who was eventually arrested and charged with Katie’s murder. When the evidence became strong enough for the case to warrant a request by the prosecution for the death penalty, Stockelman changed his plea to guilty in order to avoid trial and a possible sentence of execution.

“I think he knows all the evidence was against him, and he didn’t want to get the death penalty,”
said Katie’s father, John Neace. “In my opinion, he’s a coward.” Neace added, though, that he was happy to know Stockelman won’t be coming out of prison. “When he does, it will be on a gurney,” Neace said.

Prosecutor Stephen Pierson, during the sentencing, said that Stockelman molested Katie at her mother’s home, then tied her up and took her to Cypress Lake, where he killed her. Stockelman’s DNA matched evidence found on the child’s body.

Stockelman’s brother, Troy, said that his brother was remorseful for what he had done, and keeping him in prison would only hurt his brother’s children. “I don’t see the sense in keeping the kids from seeing their father,” Troy Stockelman said. But Stockelman’s wife, Tabitha, felt differently. “It’s really unfortunate to be married to someone for eight years and have no idea who he was,” Tabitha said. “He was a sick kid-toucher.”

While he was in court, Stockelman apologized to Katie’s family. He allegedly offered to give her father half of the money from a possible book deal. “That was a smack in the face,” Neace said. “A book deal….money…that’s not going to bring Katie back.”

Prison officials this week found Stockelman with the words “Katie’s Revenge” tattooed on his forehead. Corrections officials at the facility are investigating, because they suspect the tattoo may have been done by another inmate at the Wabash Correctional Facility where Stockelman is serving his life sentence.

Upon finding the tattoo, Stockelman was put into protective custody. State police were contacted to assist in the investigation.

Evidently someone posted the photo of Stockelman’s tattoo on a blog that focuses on news reports about crimes against children and women. The blogger said the photo was sent to her in an e-mail last Saturday, and the note claimed that a distant relative of Katie’s who is also an inmate at the prison had given Stockelman the tattoo. Although prison officials did not confirm the blogger’s story, they did say that an inmate has been identified as a suspect. Katie’s father said he believes the tattoo was a statement from the other inmates.

Two guards suspected of giving the photo of the tattoo to the crime blog have been fired. Prison spokesman Rich Larsen said the guards were fired for making “unauthorized copies of an evidence photo.”

Stockelman was separated from the general prison population after authorities discovered the tattoo last weekend.
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Girls RULE! Boys …..?

10-Year Girl Hacker Speaks at Defcon 19

by Meghan Harvey

Sometimes when perusing the web for interesting articles and stories about SheHeroes around the world, I stumble upon someone who just sticks with me. The story of this ten-year-old girl was one those stories.

Cyfi is a ten-year-old hacker, artist, Girl Scout and athlete in California. Oh and she also happens to be the co-founder of DEFCON Kids. Defcon Kids is part of DEFCON, the largest gathering of hackers in the world. And not just any hackers you know, these are the ones they make movies about. DEFCON kids was created for beginner hackers age 8-16.

But Cyfi wasn’t just helping found this child’s mini conference; she was also a speaker at the Defcon security conference where she led a talk called, “Apps – A Traveler of Both Time and Space; And What I Learned About Zero-Days and Responsible Disclosure.”

During her talk Cyfi revealed that she had discovered a zero-day exploit in games on iOS and Android devices, the exploit has been confirmed as a new class of vulnerability by researchers. Cyfi made the discovery after she “started to get bored” with the pace of farm-style games.

According to Cyfi’s bio on the Defcon website, “She has spoken publicly numerous times, usually at art galleries as a member of “The American Show,” an underground art collective based in San Francisco. Cyfi’s first gallery showing was when she was four. Last year she performed at the SF MOMA Museum in San Francisco. DEFCON Kids will be her first public vulnerability disclosure. Cyfi has had her identity stolen twice. She really likes coffee, but her mom doesn’t let her drink it.”

Cyfi is such an awesome inspiration because she is a prime example of how girls can not only be as fiercely brilliant when it comes to technology as any boy, but they can be fiercely brilliant enough to not only surpass the boys, but the adult males in their field as well.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for both the SheHeroes and Heroes you hang out with, share Cyfi’s story of cyber awesomeness with them.