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‘Mystery hero’ credited with saving child from burning building

‘Mystery hero’ credited with saving child from burning building
By Zach Myers


Neighbors credit a “mystery hero” with saving a young child from a burning home on the north side.

The fire started around 12:30 p.m. in the 3900 block of Boulevard Pl. The mother inside the home got her 4-year-old son to safety, but her 1-year-old remained inside.

Neighbors ran to the house, breaking windows in an effort to reach the child. A woman ran through the front door, going inside and grabbing the child.

“She ran in through that front door, she grabbed that baby and pulled him out and other people came out with blankets and jackets and started covering the baby up,” said Simone Buchholz, a neighbor who witnessed the rescue.

After handing the little boy to emergency crews, the woman got into a van and left. Investigators said her identity remains unknown.

“A mystery hero of 40th and Boulevard, that would be the best way to explain it,” Buchholz said. “But I’m just glad that people of our community do come out and help even if they don’t want to be named who they are.”

The mother said her 4-year-old started the fire while playing with a lighter. The family suffered from smoke inhalation, but was otherwise fine.