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Scoutmaster brutally murdered in unprovoked attack

Scoutmaster killed in unprovoked attack had mentored hundreds

BUNKER HILL – The pictures on the wall tell a story: dozens of Eagle Scouts. All of them learned their scouting skills from Art Anderson. One picture, from the 1970’s, shows Anderson then as a veteran of 15 years given to scouting. One of Art Anderson’s Eagle Scouts is WTHR racing analyst Curt Cavin, a reporter for the Indianapolis Star

I think you have people in your life, mentors, and I think that is what he is to those kids,” said Cavin. “You have got fifty kids in a four-year period, times fifty years… he has got a lot of kids that he has touched.”

According to police, Anderson was attacked by 22-year-old Shane Golitko, who minutes before attacking Anderson is alleged to have beaten his own mother. For reasons no one can answer, police say he then grabbed a knife and ran across a field to the Nickle Plate Trail. Police reports say Anderson just happened to be the first person to get in Golitko’s way. Anderson was stabbed once, and died within minutes. Police called it an unprovoked attack.[/caption]

Shaun Golitko

Anderson and his scouts had been on a five-mile hike. Anderson, an assistant scoutmaster, was sitting on this bench, identifying some of the trees along the trail.

Anderson was not from Bunker Hill and did he live there… but the steady stream of people stopping to pay their respects would have you think otherwise.

“The irony is he was in a position to help a young man, a 22-year-old who probably needed a mentor like Art Anderson,
” says Cavin.


BUNKER HILL – A man who had been involved in the Boy Scouts for 50 years is dead in what police say was an unprovoked attack.

Arthur L. Anderson was 76 years old. He, a second adult, and two Boy Scouts were hiking the Nickel Plate Trail in Bunker Hill Sunday afternoon. Police say an assailant walked up behind Anderson and stabbed him one time in the neck. Emergency responders were unable to save his life.

Arthur Anderson

State Police report the arrest of 22-year-old Shane Golitko. They say Golitko had gotten into an argument with his mother and battered her to the point where she left their home and ran to a neighbor’s house where she called 911.

Shane Golitko reportedly took a knife from his house and walked 150 yards to the trail where he stabbed Anderson. The hikers had stopped momentarily to identify a tree on the trail.

After Anderson was attacked , police say the 22-year-old went back to his house. They say he destroyed several items in the house and stabbed two dogs before jumping into his mother’s Jeep Cherokee. One of the dogs was killed.

An Indiana State Trooper sighted Golitko’s car and attempted to pull it over. He was unsuccessful. The Cherokee led police on an eight minute chase before Golitko was forced to give up as he approached a roadblock.

Shane Golitko is currently at the Miami County jail where his faces several charges, including murder.

Golitko’s mother, 48-year-old Valerie Henson, was taken to the hospital for treatment of a broken arm. She has since been released