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What is the establishment grooming Hillary for?

Just take a look at that “serious” cover. I especially like the title of the puff piece: “Hillary Clinton and the Rise of Smart Power.” (“Smart Power.” Oooooh.) Hitlery has always been the one the Banksters wanted in the White House. One way or another (I’ll leave that up to your imagination), she will be the first woman Puppet-in-Chief.

There is a woman inside Hillary Clinton, I suppose, from a very, very long time ago. But that woman is locked up in a deep dungeon and kept prisoner inside her by her own constructions that have gone on for so many, many years. Her personality has become buried. What we see is a distortion, a constructed creature. Because of these internal conflicts and her job and the course she has chosen and built, she is under great strain. Living lies is extremely trying. This is my guess, solely a guess. I pity her. I could be way off base. She might be immensely happy and comfortable in the belief that she is doing good in the world. But to me she doesn’t look happy. She looks uptight.

This cover suggests to me the huge disparity between Time’s positive assessment of Hillary Clinton’s behavior in public office and my own personal negative assessment. The world to me is a strange place in which human beings inhabit worlds of their own perception. Trouble is they think their perceptions are truth. Trouble comes when they succeed in getting the power to impose those perceptions on everyone. Hillary is ready to butt in anywhere on earth, lately in Africa, based on her perceptions of doing the right thing. My own foreign policy doesn’t involve butting in to my neighbors or to people 15 miles down the road, much less those in Nigeria or Uganda. I wouldn’t mind her butting in if she did it on her own dime and time and bore the consequences, but she has this national power. That’s the devilish fact of it, but that again is that pesky perception. Time doesn’t think it’s devilish and neither do many others.