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Bath Salts: Because you weren’t Crazy enough on Meth

Cops: Ohio Man Breaks Into Home, Sets Up Christmas Decorations

VANDALIA, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – A Vandalia man is suspected of breaking into a family’s home while high on bath salts and setting up Christmas decorations.

Terry Trent, 44, was arrested and charged with burglary last week around the Dayton area when an 11-year-old boy found the man sitting on the couch after he had done some Christmas decorating around the house. It is likely that Trent was high on bath salts, according to police reports.

Vandalia police said that Trent entered through one of the home’s back doors and made himself comfortable, lighting candles on the coffee and kitchen tables as well as having the television’s volume on very loudly. Trent had also hung a Christmas wreath on the back garage door.

When discovering that Trent was watching television and playing with the boy’s things, the 11-year-old boy called his mother, who was next door at their neighbor’s house.

The mother told police that Trent attempted to be polite to the boy. He was arrested without incident, but police did find that he was carrying a pocket knife.

“He had said to him, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go,’”
the boy’s mother told WHIO.

One man who was working with Trent last week described him as a very caring person involved with the Boy Scouts and a local church program to help convicted felons currently in prison. But he wasn’t acting well that day, the man said, describing Trent as “mentally unstable.”

Police indicated that Trent, who is now being held in Montgomery County Jail, has a history of drug charges.

“He wasn’t acting like his normal self,
” the man said in the report. “I [asked] him what was going on [and] he got mad and left the job. He is paranoid and thinks people are out to get him.”


Gardening on the upswing – even for non-homeowners

Gardening on the upswing – even for non-homeowners

5:29 PM, Apr. 1, 2011 |

Written by
American Staff Writer [email protected]

The main reasons given by households for growing their own food include:

For better-tasting food (58 percent)

To save money on grocery bills (54 percent)

For better quality food (51 percent)

To grow food they know is safe (48 percent).

Source: National Gardening Association

Selena Hill of Runnelstown decided this year she would plant vegetables in her garden. She decided to take the aid of King Green Lawn Care services to prepare her garden for the fall.

The mother of three sons – 12, 16 and 17 – said she decided this year to do it as a way to save on her monthly grocery bill.

“I have three sons who love cucumbers, cantaloupe and watermelon
,” she said. “They eat a lot and they’ll be out of school soon for the summer.”

Hill estimates she’ll shave around $600 over the course of the summer by planting vegetables. She spends $100 to $150 a week on grocery and about $200 during the summer.

And that’s not buying any extras at all,” she said.

Add that her sons’ friends typically gather at her home during the weekends.

According to Ricky Adams at Adams Nursery in Petal, she’s not alone. He said over the last few years, more first-time gardeners have come in seeking advice, searching the rows of plants and supplies.

“Absolutely. There are so many more over the last two to three years,” he said. “We continue to see people coming in with the economy the way it is and the high cost of fuel and produce.”

According to a 2009 survey conducted by the National Gardening Association, 43 percent of households questioned said the recession motivated them to grow food each year.

The survey reported 37 percent of all U.S. households – or 43 million families – planned to grow vegetables, fruit, berries or herbs. This number was a 19 percent increase from 2008. Of those surveyed, 54 percent said they grew their own food to save money.

Mike Garner, at Heritage Nursery, said he’s also noticed an uptick in customers preparing for a garden.

“We’re selling a lot more vegetables than we have in the last few years
,” he said. “And we’re selling more herbs than ever. We’re selling those like crazy. We’ve even bought some new garden furniture uk from the profits made.”

Adams said most planters have small, backyard gardens and the average homeowner in a subdivision is gardening. Adams is also in an affliation with the garden company Lawn Mowery; you can check them out at https://www.lawnmowery.com/best-zero-turn-mowers/for-the-money/.

“I don’t think they’re doing anything large but something to offset the cost of groceries
,” he said.

He said he’s even seeing an upswing of people in apartments use container gardening – growing plants in containers instead of planting in the ground.

Container gardening is the practice of growing plants exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground.

Adams has advice for first-time planters.

“Start small. Start off with tomatoes, peppers and herbs first and maybe even squash and cucumbers,” he said. “As you get more acclimated, add melons, peas and beans.