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Leander woman busted for drugs after boyfriend snorts bath salts

Leander woman busted for drugs after boyfriend snorts bath salts

A Leander woman is facing felony drug charges after police responded to a report of an agitated man who was having a seizure.

Investigators soon figured out that the man on the ground was not having a seizure but was apparently under the influence of a narcotic, according to the felony complaint.

Monica Lee Champion, 33, told police that her boyfriend was actually “under the influence of bath salts” that he had snorted up his nose.

Champion then reportedly pulled two clear plastic baggies out of her shirt that held a white powdery substance and told police it was her boyfriend’s bath salts.

Officers tested the substance for the presence of cocaine and methamphetamine, but the test was negative.

Police then checked the woman’s vehicle where they said they found a marijuana stem, and during a probable cause search, investigators found what they said was a partially smoked marijuana cigarette, an unsmoked marijuana joint and a marijuana pipe.

Champion then reportedly admitted that she had a pipe in her pants where police found a glass pipe rolled in a paper towel that had a burned substance believed to be methamphetamine. After finding the pipe, the officer also located a plastic bag of what was believed to be crystal meth.

Police said the marijuana totaled 0.6 grams and the meth weighed in the baggy came to 0.4 grams


War on drugs ‘should be abandoned’

War on drugs ‘should be abandoned’

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Damien McElroy

A study by the International Institute of Strategic Studies found that the global war on narcotics had failed to contain the scourge of illegal stimulants.

The drugs trade has spread to Africa and Eastern Europe in recent decades and entrenched its standing in its traditional strongholds of Asia and the Americas.

Nigel Inkster, the former assistant chief of MI6 and author of the study, said there was a growing revolt against the cost of the fight in developing countries.

Only “vested interests” in countries where illegal drugs are consumed stood in the way of a change in approach, he said.

Research indicated that the authorities would need to stop 70 per cent of all drugs shipments to disrupt the trade. While no figures for the proportion of the trade stopped are available, the figure is almost certainly far below that threshold.

Therefore ramping up the security services fight against drugs is almost certainly doomed to failure.

“As any doctor is told on his first day, you should not just double the dose,” said Mr Inkster, who is the most senior figure to have worked within the fight against narcotics to openly call for a review. “If your initial diagnosis doesn’t work don’t just double the dose.”

The corrosive effects on security of the narco-economy also weighs as an argument for ending the war. “You can’t do counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics simultaneously,” he said. “Our investigation has shown us that the so-called war on drugs fundamentally undermines international security.”

The report, Drugs, Insecurity and Failed States, highlights two alternative systems. Either decriminalisation of all personal possession, as Portugal instituted a decade ago, or a licensing scheme such as that which brought the gin trade under control in London in the 1700s.

Licensing would also allow states to begin to apply the lessons of antismoking campaigns which have curtailed tobacco use.

Taxation, public health messages and social legislation could marginalise drug use.


Bath Salts: Because you weren’t Crazy enough on Meth

Cops: Ohio Man Breaks Into Home, Sets Up Christmas Decorations

VANDALIA, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – A Vandalia man is suspected of breaking into a family’s home while high on bath salts and setting up Christmas decorations.

Terry Trent, 44, was arrested and charged with burglary last week around the Dayton area when an 11-year-old boy found the man sitting on the couch after he had done some Christmas decorating around the house. It is likely that Trent was high on bath salts, according to police reports.

Vandalia police said that Trent entered through one of the home’s back doors and made himself comfortable, lighting candles on the coffee and kitchen tables as well as having the television’s volume on very loudly. Trent had also hung a Christmas wreath on the back garage door.

When discovering that Trent was watching television and playing with the boy’s things, the 11-year-old boy called his mother, who was next door at their neighbor’s house.

The mother told police that Trent attempted to be polite to the boy. He was arrested without incident, but police did find that he was carrying a pocket knife.

“He had said to him, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go,’”
the boy’s mother told WHIO.

One man who was working with Trent last week described him as a very caring person involved with the Boy Scouts and a local church program to help convicted felons currently in prison. But he wasn’t acting well that day, the man said, describing Trent as “mentally unstable.”

Police indicated that Trent, who is now being held in Montgomery County Jail, has a history of drug charges.

“He wasn’t acting like his normal self,
” the man said in the report. “I [asked] him what was going on [and] he got mad and left the job. He is paranoid and thinks people are out to get him.”


Man high on bath salts kills neighbor’s goat

Man high on bath salts kills neighbor’s goat, police say

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Police say an Alum Creek man high on bath salts killed his neighbor’s pygmy goat and that neighbors found him in his bedroom, dressed in a bra and panties, next to the dead animal, said Lt. Bryan Stover of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.

Mark Thompson, 19, of Greenview Road, is charged with animal cruelty after police got a call from a woman who said he stole her goat at about 3:15 a.m. Monday, Stover said.

Lisa Powers said she bought the goat on Friday as a gift to her 4-year-old grandson. They named the male goat Bailey after a female character on the Disney Channel television show “The Suite Life on Deck.”

“The baby just loved him,” she said.

Powers’ nephew, Joshua Pollis, got a call from a neighbor early Monday morning, she said.

“They told him that my goat was wandering around in Mark’s house and he’d better come and get it,”
she said. “They called my nephew because he’d been there before.”

Pollis and two women walked into Thompson’s house looking for the goat, according to the criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

The three entered the house and made their way to Thompson’s bedroom door when Thompson spoke to them, Powers said.

“He told them, ‘Don’t come in, I’m naked,’”
Powers said. “But they opened the door and he was standing there with his pants down. He had on women’s clothing and the goat was dead and there was blood everywhere. It was just a scene.”

Thompson ran out the front door when Pollis asked him about the dead goat in his room, according to the complaint.

Police got a search warrant for the house, and searched the woods for Thompson. They found him several hours later.

Thompson allegedly told police he was on bath salts for about three days.

When police entered the house they found fresh blood near the front door of the bedroom and in Thompson’s bedroom to the right of the front door. Inside the bedroom police found the small gray and white goat wearing a pink collar lying dead on the floor, blood coming from its neck, according to the complaint. There was a pornographic magazine photo laying a few feet from the goat, the complaint states.

“We know the animal had at least one stab wound,” said Cpl. Sean Snuffer, a detective with the Sheriff’s Department. “They are also searching for signs of sexual trauma.”

Police took the dead animal to a veterinarian for a necropsy, he said.

Police are continuing their investigation. Thompson was arraigned Monday afternoon and taken into custody by Adult Protective Services.

Snuffer said the people in the community where Thompson lives told police they have been concerned about his mental health.

“I don’t think they are very happy, the community over there,” he said. “From what I understand they have been fearful of him before.”

Powers said she and her family have lived next to Thompson for about three years. She said she took him to church with her family more than a year ago.

“Then he stole the communion wine and went out the downstairs door
,” she said. “I never took him back. … We tried to be friends with him until we saw how he was.”

Powers said she asked him not to come back to her house.

“He’d come anyway,” she said. “He’s just been a menace since I’ve been here. …

“He runs through the woods, screaming and cursing and hitting things. What scared me was I didn’t want him to hurt one of my grandchildren.”

240 treated for effects of now illegal \'bath salts\'

She said police have been diligent in their investigation.

“They tried to find fingerprints on the chain the goat was tied to,
” she said.