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A shock tactic gone too far? New ad features senior citizens simulating sex positions to promote use of condoms

A shock tactic gone too far? New ad features senior citizens simulating sex positions to promote use of condoms
By Kristie Lau

An advertisement featuring senior citizens simulating sexual acts has sparked shock from consumers.

Too much? An ad campaign showing senior citizens in a series of different sexual positions has sparked shock among consumers

Visual impact: Though the seniors featured in the video are fully-clothed, the sexual nature of the positions is impossible to ignore

The video campaign, released by U.S. organisation SaferSex4Seniors.org, is designed to promote safe sex through use of condoms following news that STDs among sexually-active seniors in Florida had risen by 71per cent over the past five years.

But many believe the group, while promoting a worthy cause, has taken shock tactics too far.

The 30-second video, released on YouTube today, shows a group of elderly men and women mocking the performance of fellatio as well as other challenging sexual positions.

In one scene, a particularly strong man is holding a woman who is standing upside down on her elbows. Deadpan expressions are shown on their faces.

But Akila Gibbs, the executive director of the Pasadena Senior Center told Wsbt.com that he believes the ad detracts attention from the campaign’s cause.

He said: ‘I think it looks like they’re making fun of seniors, more than they’re educating them.’

Safer Sex For Seniors, aims to provide ‘accurate, up-to-date information from experts in the field’.

It is formed of an independent collective of professional sexuality educators, researchers, authors, trainers, counselors, and therapists and provides fact sheets and advice via its website

Gothamist.com added: ‘Nobody wants to think about – let alone picture – their Grandma doing it.’

Randy Matheson, a Canadian media blogger, was shocked by the footage.
He wrote on his blog: ‘While I can only hope that no hips were ‘dislodged’ in the making of this PSA featuring spry senior couples acting out positions from the Kama Sutra, I cramped up just watching the video.’
Twitter has drawn the comments of further shocked consumers.

High risk: The ad highlights the fact that the rate of STDs among sexually active seniors has risen by over 70per cent in the last five years

DDB, the New York-based advertising agency which produced the video has defended its campaign, describing it as a ‘strategic choice to use humor and shock value’.
A spokesman told Gothamist.com: ‘Rather than taking a negative approach that uses scare tactics and piles on statistics to deter unsafe sex, DDB made the strategic choice to use humor and shock value.

Powerful message: The payoff reads, ‘While there are many ways to do it… There’s only one way to do it safely

Safety firstThe makers of the ad want seniors to enjoy their sex lives responsibly

‘Whether the younger generation likes it or not, our grandparents are having sex.

‘We wanted to make a sexy ad that maintains a level of tastefulness and encourages seniors to enjoy their sex lives – safely.’


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Strip club owner’s gift to missionary raises more than a few eyebrows

Strip club owner’s gift to missionary raises eyebrows

Reporter – Jason Hibbs

METROPOLIS, Ill. — Lap dances, missionaries, and feats of strength: sounds like a strange combination. But in one local city all three of them are about to work together, but unsurprisingly, not without controversy.

A Metropolis missionary whose ministry focuses on feeding hungry children and performing extreme feats of strength has decided to accept funding from an unlikely source: the Metro Pony Strip Club.

Missionary Butch Adams said he’s spiritually and physically strong.

We can attest to his physical strength. He showed us around his weight room Tuesday and even ripped a phone book in two.

Adams wanted money from the city to help feed hungry children.

He said he was surprised the city did not help but equally surprised the local strip club did.

They are admittedly an unusual duo: Adams, a world champion bodybuilder and Christian missionary, and his newest sponsor, Jerry Westlund, the owner of a nationwide chain of strip clubs with a Metropolis location known as the Metro Pony.

Mr. Jerry Westlund? I’ve never met him before,” Adams said. “I was shocked when he come up to talk to me.”

Westlund did more than talk. After the missionary’s passionate plea inside city hall, Westlund offered to make a sizable donation, which would buy a truckload of food for local hungry kids.

But some said that offer is nothing more than a public relations stunt.

“I don’t believe that’s right,” said Joann Griffey, of Metropolis. “I believe they should get the money some other way.”

Much to some people’s surprise, though, Adams accepted the offer.

“I don’t care. If he’s gonna give me money to get food for children, I don’t care what he uses (his) stunt for.”

But Westlund said he’s not looking for publicity and legitimately wants to help feed the hungry.

“I can’t imagine anything more important than that,” Westlund said by phone Tuesday.

Westlund said he has given a lot of money to non-profits, including $60,000 in community college scholarships, $100,000 for afterschool programs, $50,000 for domestic violence shelters and $100,000 in children’s cancer research just in the past two years.

“It’s part of a person’s duty,” Westlund said. “It’s part of a person’s responsibility.”

Westlund said he is helping and the city should, too.

“I challenge the Metropolis City Council to match what I’m doing. I’d like to see the Metropolis City Council step up and help with these kids.”

That’s help Adams doesn’t expect but would love to get. After all, he’d take help from anyone.

Metropolis Mayor Billy McDaniel had no comment.

One important note: Adams contacted us about Westlund’s offer to help. Westlund said he intended to keep the donation quiet.

To learn more about Omega Force One Strength Team, click here. To make a donation to the Metropolis Feed the Children Campaign, contact City National Bank, 423 Ferry St., Metropolis, (618) 524-2161.

What do you think about the missionary’s move? Do you think Westlund’s donation is just a stunt, or genuine? Sound off below.