Share this massive list of post-election firings and layoffs with everyone you can

The victory by Barack Obama on election night has resulted in a huge wave of firings and layoffs all over America. A large number of businesses seem to have suddenly shifted into panic mode. The number of layoff announcements that we have seen in the last 48 hours has been absolutely shocking. So why is this happening?

Supreme irony?

Top court poised to throw out Obamacare in echo of case Obama made against Hillary Clinton

Why do Doctors Wear White Coats?

White stands for purity, peace and life, and that was the message that the doctors wanted to give out to their patients. It was a message of hope for a better and improved life and alleviated suffering. It also symbolized purity, and cleanliness was of utmost importance in the medical field. It created a soothing and sterile environment, and aided the cause of doctors…..but, what about today?

Obama Nominee for Social Security Board Favors Rationing Health Care

Is it just a coincidence that the people that President Obama nominates to fill high-level governmental posts tend to favor government-directed health care rationing? Last year, Obama nominated Donald Berwick to head Medicare and Medicaid. Now he’s nominated Henry J. Aaron to head the Social Security Advisory Board.

National Healthcare Will Require National RFID Chips

Now that the healthcare bill has passed and been signed into law, one must inquire: How will the federal government keep track of the millions of persons in America now (supposedly) required to operate according to the federal government’s healthcare program?

Foregone Conclusion? The Reality of an Obama-Hillary ticket

Hillary to the rescue? That rumor-theory-speculation-spin-Hail Mary pass has been circulating around the political hustings for the last year.

Obscure Obamacare rule gives government access to everybody’s health records

It’s been said a thousand times: Congress had to pass President Obama’s health care law in order to find out what’s in it. But, despite the repetitiveness, the level of shock from each new discovery never seems to recede.

Comprehensive List of Obama Tax Hikes

Since taking office, President Barack Obama has signed into law twenty-one new or higher taxes: