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Oil and Saudi BIG WINNERS of Japanese Earthquake

Oil and Saudis Big Winners of Japan Disaster

by Zen Gardner

Don’t know if anyone noticed, but the “Day of Rage” scheduled for Saudi Arabia on March 11th was completely eclipsed by the Japan Quake and Tsunami, followed now by a nuclear threat to that ravaged country.

Not only was it eclipsed, it just didn’t happen. Nor have we heard a peep out of the protesters.

Not only that, but the Saudi stock market, one of the only ones open today due to their Islamic week beginning on Saturday, was up 3% on the energy related impact of the Japan disaster. Didn’t that work out nicely. Oil was just starting to retract that past few days and now we’re going to see the prices soar again. Coincidence?

When oil’s involved, you’re talking BIG money and the BIG money players….i.e. those that think they own us. Not much goes on that they don’t control or try to control.


The Rothschild dynasty is said to own assets exceeding 500 Trillion dollars
They Who Control Energy Control All

Japan derives 35% of its energy from nuclear power plants. Does someone have a problem with that? Already the mainstream press is badmouthing nuclear energy again, and we’ll be hearing this drumbeat for weeks to come. Think that isn’t music to the oil magnates’ ears?

As the CEO of Gulf Oil Joe Petroski said today on Fox news today, “The future of the nuclear industry is on the line.” He went on to point out how US production has declined, and that an earthquake in the Middle East, “physical or social”, keeps the future of oil very tentative.

And they’ll keep it that way.

Energy independence is a threat to the powers that be. As is food independence. Notice they’re both under siege. Shortages not only wreak havoc on economies and obviously day to day life, but on the human psyche. A populace in want is an easy populace to subjugate. Fear and scarcity are their favorite tools.

Let’s face it, independence of any sort does not lend itself well to forces that would like control.

Was This Engineered?

Already the net is ablaze with possible HAARP connections, as we usually see. The fact remains, the technology exists to directly influence our geophysical environment. So when multiple disasters occur simultaneously one can only ask the always pertinent question;


Who benefits? If this was engineered, besides bolstering the oil cartel’s strangulation of the world, why was Japan targeted?

Some possible reasons:

1. Japan holds 20% of the US debt. Will this work like the missile taking out the Pentagon finance division that was announced by Rumsfeld the day before the 9/11 takedown, that 2 trillion dollars were missing?

2. Japan is proud and “independent”, culturally and politically. They’ve resisted immigration and cultural dissolution which is part of the globalist agenda. This will clearly “soften them up” for economic, political and cultural manipulation.

3. Increase “conventional” energy dependence. They’ve already made a huge order to Russia for gas and coal.

4. The Japanese have been protesting the overpowering U.S. military presence in Japan. Immediately following the disaster much of the commercial air traffic was diverted to U.S. military airports. And again, the U.S. is sending more military to the “rescue” as in Haiti, conveniently portraying the U.S. military as the saviors of the world. A complete reversal of truth.

One thing we know, the Japanese are suffering terribly and deserve our thoughts, prayers in personal support.