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Bill Maher finds six black men to deem Matt Drudge racist

Bill Maher finds six black men to deem Matt Drudge racist

By Jeff Poor and Caroline May

On his weekly show on Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher suggested that the content that appears on the Drudge Report obviously demonstrates “racism in America.”

In objecting to accusations of racism against Gwyneth Paltrow for a a June 1 tweet with the heading “Ni**as in paris for real,” Maher directed his audience to Matt Drudge as a foil for, in his mind, actual racism.

Maher’s evidence of Drudge’s alleged racism came in the form of six images of black men, which appeared on the webmaster’s website, the Drudge Report, during the month of April.

“The problem with racism is Matt Drudge,” Maher said. “I pick from Matt Drudge’s website — just this, over a month we monitored this. Just show some of the pictures that were on — there, Mike Tyson looking like he’s going to eat your head. Oh yes, Louis Farrakhan — because he’s so relevant now. Oh, and Marion Barry, he’s in the news also. Oh yes, Rev. Wright, because he matters to your life so much. This is who appears on the Drudge Report. Oh yes, and there’s Al Sharpton telling Eric Holder what he should do, and Michael Jordan angry, because that’s how we all remember him. This is racism in America.”

While Maher mocked the images, he neglected to provide context for the stories Drudge attached to the pictures — nor did Maher explain why he went all the way back to the month of April for his examples.

Additionally, the HBO host overplayed the images’ prominence, as shown from research based on the Drudge Report Archives:

The Mike Tyson image accompanied an April 12 story in which the former boxer expressed disgust at the fact that George Zimmerman, the Florida man charged in the murder of Trayvon Martin, had not yet been shot.
The Louis Farrakhan picture was attached to an April 17 story in which the black nationalist heaped praise on conservative commentator Pat Buchanan — calling him a “great Republican.”
On April 5, a picture of Marion Barry was featured atop a story of the D.C. Council member and former D.C. mayor expressing anger at the District’s Asian-American community for opening businesses in the city, instead of African Americans. “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said. “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”
The picture of MSNBC host Al Sharpton and Attorney General Eric Holder appeared on April 11, with a story about Holder praising the left-wing activist for his efforts — protesting and rallying — on behalf of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin.
Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s picture was featured with an April 10 story about the president’s former pastor claiming that “white supremacy” is driving “world policy” and that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worships “some other god.
April 27’s Michael Jordan picture appeared with a story about how the Charlotte Bobcats’ basketball team owner presided over the “NBA’s worst team ever.”

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‘Justice for Trayvon’: 15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs… So Far

‘Justice for Trayvon’: 15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs… So Far

Bob Owens

The assaults on a pair of Virginian-Pilot reporters in Norfolk, Va., two weeks ago at the hands of 30 black youths, reported for the first time Tuesday, are the latest in a series of attacks driven by a warped sense of racial vigilantism hiding behind calls of “Justice for Trayvon.” At least 15 whites have been beaten not just with fists, but with potentially deadly weapons including hammers and lengths of chain. Many of the victims have been hospitalized, some may never fully recover, and one lingers on the verge of death.

David Forster and Marjon Rostami are just the latest victims of brutal beatings tied to the Trayvon Martin shooting, and some Virginians are outraged that the newspaper did not report the attack for “politically correct reasons.” The attack was revealed not as news, but in an opinion piece.

Trayvon Martin was a black teenager shot and killed by an off-duty neighborhood watch volunteer in February in a Sanford, Fla., gated community. It wasn’t until the Martin family’s attorney engaged a public relations firm and claims began circulating that charges weren’t brought because Martin was black and his killer was white that the case gained national attention. Race-baiting community activists, misleading news reports, and grandstanding politicians ignited deep-seated racial animosities which have now inspired violence. The fact that the shooter, George Zimmerman, self-identifies as Hispanic and is 1/8th black seems utterly irrelevant. He’s merely the excuse for a long list of violent crimes perpetrated against whites in recent weeks by a criminal under-class suddenly roused to violence.

Aaron Parsons is being held on $1 million bail in Baltimore for the videotaped assault and robbery of a tourist on Saint Patrick’s Day. The man who videotaped the beating and posted it online claimed “me an[sic] my boys helped get justice fore[sic] trayvon.” Three co-conspirators to the beating and robbery are still wanted by police.

On March 24-25, a string of attacks in Grand Rapids, Mich., by mobs of black youths injured seven whites in separate incidents. Five of the injured filed police reports. Examiner reporter Kyle Rogers interviewed one of the victims, Jacob Palasek, who had been beaten with a chain. Palasek stated that police investigators feel that all the attacks were related to the Trayvon Martin story. Local news media stand accused of burying the story to keep racial tensions from rising to a boiling point.

A day later, two black men savagely beat a 50-year-old man in a hammer attack in Sanford, Fla., just miles from where Trayvon Martin was shot. The attack is thought to be racially motivated, and the victim, Mark Slavin, has been in critical condition since the attack. He has multiple skull fractures and has developed respiratory problems. His prognosis is grim.

Seventy-eight-year-old Dallas Watts claims he was the victim of an April 3 assault in East Toledo, Ohio, in which a multiracial group of six youths (five black and one white) are alleged to have shouted, “This is for Trayvon. Kill that white.” Police officials have since attempted to claim Watts “exaggerated” the event, though they still admit an assault and robbery occurred and that Trayvon Martin was mentioned during the assault.

On April 9 in Gainesville, Fla., 5-8 black men jumped out of a car and screamed “Trayvon” before severely beating a white 27-year-old man walking home alone. The attackers had selected their target at random. The victim is coping with substantial injuries, including probable “permanent disfigurement to the left side of his face.”

Just two days later, in the same city, a white man that chased down a black purse snatcher had his hands stomped by a black crowd shouting “Trayvon.” They allowed the criminal to escape.

On April 17 in Chicago, two black teens assaulted and robbed their white 19-year-old victim in an attack they admit was driven by race hate. Alton Hayes III stated that his sole motive was “anger over the death of Trayvon Martin” and that he chose his victim because of his race. He faces attempted robbery, aggravated battery, and hate-crime charges. His partner in the assault has been referred to the juvenile court system.

In just two months, there were at least 14 known assaults — some clearly attempted murder — perpetrated by black mobs against 15 white victims that have been tied to a widely shared desire to avenge the death of Trayvon Martin.

This list of brutality does not include the highly publicized beating of Matthew Owens in Alabama that may have been the result of a long-running neighborhood feud, nor does it include the shooting of an unoccupied Sanford, Fla., police car at the height of racial tensions before George Zimmerman was arrested. It also does not include alleged vandalism and threats that have been issued, such as the death threats in Wisconsin plastered on neighborhood mailboxes and a sticker featuring a picture of Trayvon Martin and the word “Revenge,” as well as another that said “Kill Whitey.”

The fact that Martin’s admitted shooter, George Zimmerman, is multi-racial indicates the attacks are merely an excuse to resurrect deeply buried grudges and act out on them with violence.

The media that doctored evidence to give the incident a racist spin, the politicians that echoed it when they saw a political advantage in parroting disinformation, and the racial grievance industry that fanned the flames of racial discord have downplayed the incidents of violence they nurtured.

This is far from over, and the worst of the deep-seated, irrational hatred, blame-shifting, and violent sentiments resemble nothing less than the psychosis that undermines the Palestinian cause and keeps them from ever rising above poverty and out of hate. America has balkanized fiercely thanks to a disreputable media and dishonorable “leaders,” and a Pandora’s box has cracked open as a result.

The vitriol towards George Zimmerman and the call for riots if the courts don’t rule the mob’s way are heavily documented on social media sites like Twitter. Threads for #Trayvon, #TrayvonMartin, #Justice4Trayvon, and #Zimmerman reveal a raw and untouched desire for violent retribution and the most brutal lynching fantasies directed at Zimmerman, sprinkled with naked hatred of other races.

These documented assaults that have made national media are not likely to be the only violent hate crimes spurred on by events and perceptions surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin, and the case hasn’t even made it to trial. The same malevolent media, race hustlers, and political opportunists that have sowed discord now face a cultural disaster of their own making. If they cannot find a way to rein in the violence they’ve instigated, the integrated, color-blind society that so many of us had hoped was just on the horizon may be set back decades once again.


It’s not racism when they do it! Barry: ‘We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in’

Barry: ‘We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in’

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Ward 8 D.C. Councilman Marion Barry is on the hot seat again.

Celebrating his victory in the Democratic primary on Tuesday night, Barry spoke up about the prominence of businesses owned by Asians in the District.

“We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said in remarks first reported by WRC-TV. “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

Barry, who won’t be opposed in November’s general election as he seeks his third consecutive term on the D.C. Council, was unavailable for comment Thursday morning.


Sexual Abuse Taught In The Classroom

Accusations of Student Abuse and Child Pornography Cover-up at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College

Nestled in David Cameron’s Conservative heartland, this leading college, states that it is the largest provider of further education training in Oxfordshire. According to the web page of college Principal and Chief Executive Sally Dicketts “We pride ourselves on the fact that we have something for everyone, we are all members of a vibrant and diverse community,?and we are passionate about helping each individual to achieve their potential.”

Despite this welcoming accolade, former pupils and members of staff accuse Oxford & Cherwell Valley College management of collaborating in a calculated cover-up of a series of perverted and unpleasant activities in the college which started to manifest around 2007.

Allegations suggest that aside from sexual assaults on girls, students were encouraged to drink alcohol in classrooms and were shown pornographic material on college computers – in some cases on the private mobile phones of staff, including images involving children. Boys and girls also suffered bullying at the hands of staff, and those who attempted to warn senior managers of the horrendous activities, were reportedly warned off or pressurised to keep quiet.

Repeated complaints by staff and students did eventually force an investigation, but those present at the college at the time claim that the investigation led by Mr Ray Tregear, was biased so as to protect the college and cover-up the abuses.

Informers also claim that although Thames Valley Police did make some enquiries into abuse and pornography allegations these were low key, incompetent and involved officers working outside normal codes of conduct. Most surprising is that police did not impound computers for detailed forensic examination.

In February 2010 the Oxford Mail newspaper revealed that a Lecturer from the college had been suspended from his employment following complaints that he was showing pornography to pupils. Sources stated that he was later dismissed. It is alleged that this was most likely under a so called voluntary compromise agreement and gagging order. It is also understood that the college has spent some £233,000 on similar compromise agreements since January 2010.

The UK Column has recently learned that OCVC suddenly replaced some 200 computers in July 2010 after the accusations of abuses refused to die down. A local Oxford IT supplier apparently decommissioned the old machines including wiping hard drives.

Oxford and Cherwell Valley College Head Sally Dicketts and Thames Valley Police Chief Constable Sara Thornton are both connected with the Women’s Leadership Network and political charity Common Purpose.


Race-Based Hate

FBI: Hate Crimes Target Blacks In 70 Percent Of Race-Based Cases
Hate Crimes

Blacks were the group most likely to be the targets of race-based hate crimes, according to a new federal report.

The report, compiled by the FBI’s civil rights division, found that the large majority of racial bias crimes were “motivated by anti-black bias.” Latinos were the targets of 66 percent of all hate crimes motivated by ethnicity or national origin. Jews were the targets of most crimes against religious groups, and most crimes against a particular sexual orientation or gender were motivated by “anti-homosexual male bias.”

The number of hate crimes remained essentially flat between 2009 and 2010. There were 6,628 hate crimes reported in 2010, up very slightly from 6,604 in 2009. About 47 percent of all the reported hate crimes were racially motivated, with 20 percent motivated by religion, 19.3 percent motivated by sexual orientation, and 12.8 percent motivated by nationality.

“Almost a fourth of our 2010 civil rights caseload involved crimes motivated by a particular bias against the victim,
” said Eric Thomas, the bureau’s civil rights chief in Washington. “We frequently worked these cases with state and local law enforcement to ensure that justice was done–whether at the state level or at the federal level.”

The FBI said that because of the James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act, the bureau is making some changes to collect more information for bias crimes against a particular gender or gender identity and for crimes in which juveniles are targets. The law, which was signed by President Obama in 2009 and was meant to bolster and expand existing hate crimes laws. It is named after two of the most high profile victims of hate crimes in recent memory. Shepard was a college student who died in 1998 after being tortured and tied to a fence for being gay. That same year, Byrd, a black man in rural Texas was killed after being dragged behind a pickup truck for miles by a group of white supremacists. At the time of their killings, there were no hate crime laws in many states.

Video ,Deryl Dedmon Leaves The Courtroom In Jackson , Miss. , Pool) , Sept. 30 , After Entering a “Not Guilty” Plea Before Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill , Friday , On a Capital Murder Indictment. Dedmon Is Charged With Running Down James Craig Anderson On June 26 With a Pickup In What Authorities Say Was a Hate Crime.


The Suicide Of America – Diversity Versus Freedom

The Suicide Of America – Diversity Versus Freedom
By Frosty Wooldridge

Suicide of a Superpower
By Pat Buchanan

By watching the “Occupy Wall Street” or any other city in America in the past week, you’re watching the beginning mobs that roam around America’s urban areas attempting to jolt the system that created 15 million unemployed and another 7 million underemployed.

While rich CEOs enjoy $5 million bonuses, countless millions of Americans stand in food stamp lines-as of October 2011-45.2 million of us subsist on food stamps.

Who created this mess?

Thomas Jefferson said in 1802, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

In 1913, a few wealthy bankers pushed through the Federal Reserve System currently run by the banker elite Ben Bernanke. They commandeered America’s money and fulfilled Jefferson’s prediction. Today, the moneyed elite control Congress. Thus, they control our jobs and lives.

In his new book, Suicide of a Superpower, Patrick Buchanan predicts the loss of our nation via mass immigration and population overload. He clearly points to the markers taking down America.

Chapter 3. The Crisis of Catholicism.
Buchanan said, “Half a century on, the disaster is manifest. The robust and confident Church of 1958 no longer exists. Catholic colleges and universities remain Catholic in name only. Parochial schools and high schools are closing as rapidly as they opened in the 1950s. The numbers of nuns, priests and seminarians have fallen dramatically. Mass attendance is a third of what it was. From the former Speaker of the House to the Vice President, Catholic politicians openly support abortion on demand. How can Notre Dame credibly teach that all innocent life is sacred, and then honor a president committed to ensuring that a woman’s right to end the life of her innocent child remains sacrosanct?”

Chapter 4. The End of White America. Buchanan said, “White America is an endangered species. By 2020, whites over 65 will out-number those 17 and under. Deaths will exceed births. The white population will begin to shrink and, should present birth rates persist, slowly disappear.

The European tribe continues its inexorable decline in Europe, Canada, Australia the United States. While European’s see their societies decline, others cheer such as Mexico.

Mexico is moving north,” said Buchanan. “Ethnically, linguistically and culturally, the verdict of 1848 is being over-turned. Will this Mexican nation within a nation advance the goals of the Constitution — to “insure domestic tranquility” and “make us a more perfect union”? Or have we imperiled our union?”

As Mexico expects to add another 35 to 40 million by mid century, it will continue to unload its excess, poverty stricken and unsustainable population load onto U.S. soil. At the current rate of mass immigration into the United States from the third world, white America will become a minority within 30 years. Mexicans will take over the Southwest by sheer birthrates. We may expect massively entrenched poverty.

In a recent meeting in Conifer, Colorado, former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo said, “We are importing mass poverty into America. We will not be able to solve it.”

Chapter 6. Equality Vs. Freedom. Buchanan said, “Those who would change society begin by changing the meaning of words. At Howard University, LBJ changed the meaning of equality from the attainable — an end to segregation and a legislated equality of rights for African-Americans — to the impossible: a socialist utopia. Where equality is enthroned, freedom is extinguished. The rise of the egalitarian society means the death of the free society.”

“A time for truth. As most kids do not have the athletic ability to play high school sports, or the musical ability to play in the band, or the verbal ability to excel in debate, not every child has the academic ability to do high school work. No two children are created equal, not even identical twins. The family is the incubator of inequality and God its author.”

Buchanan hits on America’s most pressing problem: illiteracy. That single word defines the dilemma of the third world. The more the illiteracy, the more poverty, the more poverty, the more babies-80 million added annually, net gain. The more babies, the more hopeless every country’s exceeding its carrying capacity. Somalia grows as a stark reminder that just feeding starving children only begets millions more starving and illiterate young adults-who reproduce more of themselves and their predicament.

A startling 76 percent flunkout/dropout rate in the overwhelmingly minority city of Detroit, Michigan bears out the reality of illiteracy. A mind numbing 68 percent of African-American children are born to single mothers in the United States. Most of those mothers subsist on welfare.

Less than 50 percent of Blacks and Hispanics graduate from high school. About 30 percent of Whites fail to graduate. Thus, today in America, 42 million Americans cannot read, write or perform simple math. Another 50 million cannot read past the 4th grade level.

Illiteracy Statistics

· 42 million American adults can’t read at all; 50 million are unable to read at a higher level that is expected of a fourth or fifth grader.
· The number of adults that are classified as functionally illiterate increases by about 2.25 million each year.
· 20 percent of high school seniors can be classified as being functionally illiterate at the time they graduate.

Source: National Right to Read Foundation

Where Illiteracy Leads

· 70 percent of prisoners in state and federal systems can be classified as illiterate. [2.3 million Americans languish in jails]
85 percent of all juvenile offenders rate as functionally or marginally illiterate.
· 43 percent of those whose literacy skills are lowest live in poverty.

NBC anchor Brian Williams reported that 1.2 million teens hit America’s streets every June unable to read or write. Detroit, Michigan epitomizes this country’s educational dilemma.

CNN reported on August 30, 2010, “7,000 American high school students drop out every day; one every 26 seconds.”

Our civilization, as Buchanan so amply states, cannot survive the massive immigration numbers currently entering annually at 3.1 million. This includes legal, illegal and their children. (www.cis.org, Dr. Steven Camarata)

As Buchanan said, “We are trying to create a nation that has never before existed, of all the races, tribes, cultures and creeds of Earth, where all are equal. In this utopian drive for the perfect society of our dreams we are killing the real country we inherited — the best and greatest country on earth.”


1. Immediate moratorium of all immigration into America to save what’s left of our culture, language and success.

2. Immediate mandate of English as the primary language in all media in America.

3. Immediate stopping of all birth right citizenship.

4. Immediate passing and enforcement of E-Verify to guarantee 8 to 10 million new jobs for American citizens.

5. Immediate welfare to workfare programs.

6. Immediate teaching of personal accountability and responsibility in our school systems.

7. Immediate end to our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The following videos show where we’re headed if we fail to stop mass immigration: “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlE&feature=player_embedded

“Immigration by the numbers-off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: www.NumbersUSA.org

Part 3: The diversity cult


Black is the new White

“Dolphin Tale” Hollywood Hokum: Morgan Freeman Gets To Play Numinous Negro Yet Again

By Paul Kersey

Earlier this year, the New York Times made a big deal out of the fact that no Black actors were up for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. [Hollywood’s Whiteout, By Manohla Dargis And A. O. Scott, February 11, 2011]With his trademark sardonic wit, Steve Sailer wrote:

“How hard would it have been for Hollywood to cast an African American in The King’s Speech? Why did Helena Bonham-Carter get to play the Queen of England when Tyler Perry was available?

“Why wasn’t a single black actor even considered for the role of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network?

“Why did that hillbilly girl in Winter’s Bone wander around the Ozarks asking her white trash kinfolk where her pa was when she could have gone to a shaven-headed black computer hacker genius and had him locate her father using high tech satellite imagery? That would have been awesome.

“Why did Hollywood cast Christian Bale as Mark Wahlberg’s brother in The Fighter when they could have cast Diddy? Shouldn’t Morgan Freeman have played a wise janitor at their boxing gym?”

Funny—but in fact Hollywood routinely casts Black actors in roles that real life can’t replicate. The phenomenon of creating positive images of Blacks by fictionalizing their contributions to society is so pronounced that it can only be viewed as a systematic attempt to brainwash America.

For example, it is simply a fact that very few inventions can really be credited to Black scientists. (One exception: the Super Soaker, developed by Lonnie Johnson in 1989. That no film has yet to be made celebrating the amazing achievement of producing far superior, accurate, weaponized streams of water than the traditional water gun is a scandal).

But that fact doesn’t dissuade Hollywood from inserting Black scientists in big-budget films like Terminator 2: Judgment Day; a geologist in 2012; or a Black weapons manufacturer in Batman Begins and Dark Knight (and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises). That latter case would be, of course, Morgan Freeman, the quintessential “Numinous Negro”, to use Rick Brookhiser’s term—playing “Lucius Fox”.

Nevertheless, while Hollywood routinely creates fictional geniuses or saintly sages for Freeman to portray, the new children’s movie Dolphin Tale—in theaters, debuting in theaters at mid-day, September 23—is a horse (or dolphin) of a completely color.

This movie will make hundreds of millions of dollars, as it is one of the few films geared toward families. And includes the always crowd-pleasing story of white people looking out for wounded animals.

Dolphin Tale is the extraordinary “true” story of the dolphin, Winter, now the star attraction of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Tragically, Winter lost her tail in a crab trap back in 2005. Heroically, two employees of Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Kevin Carroll and Dan Strzempka, were so moved by Winter’s story that they developed an artificial tale for the dolphin.

Both Carroll and Strzempka are white. But in the film Dolphin Tale, both have been lumped into a composite character named “Dr. McCarthy”—who just happens to be black and just happens to be played by, naturally…Morgan Freeman.

Now you might be asking yourself: why does it matter that Hollywood has decided to put a Blackface on the actual white inventors of the artificial dolphin tail that saved Winter’s life? It’s just a movie—which happens to be produced by Alcon Entertainment, the same people who brought us 2009’s surprise multiracial feel-good hit The Blind Side.

It’s important because a lot of people are going to see this film—and, because most people believe what they see on television and in films, they’ll come away thinking that a Black guy actually invented this prosthetic tail that helped saved Winter’s life.

For example, in a recent Sheknows.com interview with Morgan Freeman (a man who said he’d vote for Obama a thousand times if he could, but that’s another story), entertainment editor Joel D. Amos wrote about the Freeman character, “Dr. McCarthy”, as if he actually existed:

“Morgan Freeman is Dr. McCarthy in Dolphin Tale, a man with a vision of creating a prosthetic tail for a dolphin named Winter who arrived at a Clearwater, Florida aquarium after losing his tail. Dolphin Tale is a true story and Freeman was thrilled to portray a man who would buck conventional wisdom by spending time and money creating something for a dolphin that most would never consider.

“To Morgan Freeman, Dr. McCarthy did much more than save the life of Winter, McCarthy inspired amputees and advanced the science of prosthetics while simultaneously rallying a Florida community around a dolphin who, in turn, inspired him.”

Ocean-Friendly In Dolphin Tale, SheKnows.com, September 14, 2011. (Link in original).

Surgeon General’s Warning: for all of you googling “Dr. McCarthy” hoping to learn about another Black inventor who helped make civilized society possible—stop.

Repeat: there is no real “Dr. McCarthy”. He is a creation of Hollywood.

Why would the Dolphin Tale producers and writers go to such absurd lengths to add diversity to a “true story”?—which, in real life, was just a bunch of boring white people saving the day yet again.

Maybe that is the reason. The rest of the movie’s cast is hideously white, like Super 8 or I am Number Four. Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr. also star in Dolphin Tale, rounding out a cast full of other white people. The insertion of a Black fictional image of Dr. McCarthy, played by Morgan Freeman, was perhaps necessary for this film to get green-lighted.

In a strange interview, inventor Dan Strzempka has discussed the casting choice of Freeman in a Politically Correct way. The writer, Natalie Shepherd (email her), begins with what might be called massive understatement:

“Dan Strzempka doesn’t look like Morgan Freeman, but he’s flattered the acting legend is bringing his sto
ry to life on the big screen.

“‘It’s an honor; he’s one of my favorite actors. He’s one of the best actors of all time, so it’s just a little intimidating,’ Strzempka said today in the laboratory at Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics in Sarasota.

“Though the character’s name [PK: sic!] has been changed, Strzempka is a big part of the upcoming movie…”

Sarasota man who made Winter’s prosthetic tail excited about movie, September 22, 2011

You might think Winter’s tale didn’t need embellishing. For example, Strzempka himself is an amputee, having lost his leg above the knee in a lawnmower accident when he was four years old. And work done on Winter really is helping humans. See Hanger Orthopedic Group’s website here and Dolphin and Iraq veteran share wonder of prosthetics, by Tali Yahalom, USA Today, July 18 2007).

Morgan Freeman is of course the go-to “Numinous Negro” actor when a film needs a manufactured, positive image of a Black person. He’s made quite the career out of this typecasting. I discussed him extensively in my book Hollywood in Blackface: Black Images in Film from Night of The Living Dead to Thor..

In a review of my book, Brett Stevens wrote at Amerika.org:

“What may have spurred Kersey to action is the anomalous casting of African-descended Idris Elba as the Norse god Heimdall in the 2011 movie goof Thor. While the movie looks as stupid as 98% of what comes out of Hollywood, hangs out at the theatre like a juvenile delinquent, and then goes straight to DVD, the casting of a black artist as a white cultural figure provoked a turning point—what if, people asked, a white man was cast as a black cultural figure, like MLK or Malcolm X? We’d never hear the end of that.

“While it takes an acerbic approach, Hollywood in Blackface speaks up and points out the elephant in the room that we’re all ignoring. For every one Barack Obama or Morgan Freeman, several million black people live in an entirely different world, one in which diversity does not serve them and they end up impoverished, imprisoned and/or disillusioned. At this blog [Amerika.org], we’re honest enough to point out that the historical record of diversity shows that this is always the result. Others want to take a more extreme view and blame African-Americans for this condition. Kersey remains agnostic on this, wisely, and contents himself with satirizing the dichotomy.”

The much-lionized critic Susan Sontag once famously wrote that “the white race is the cancer of human history.” [Partisan Review, Winter 1967, p. 57(not online)] Left-wing activist Tom Hayden has admitted that one of his goals is the “disappearance of the white race”.

By systematically suppressing evidence that might suggest the contrary, Hollywood appears to agree.

Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One and Hollywood in Blackface. He works in political consulting and resides in Denver, Colorado.


Divisive Congressional Black Caucus: ” It’s NOT Racism If We Do It”

The Congressional Black Caucus is growing increasingly frustrated with a black unemployment rate of nearly 17% — almost twice the national average. Even the group’s chairman, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), believes they’d already be leading a march on Washington if not for a desire to avoid weakening President Obama.

“If Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House,” Cleaver told McClatchy Newspapers for an article published on Sunday. “There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.

Tensions have recently been running high within the CBC, to the point where the group’s only Republican menber, Rep. Allen West (R-FL), threatened to quit after Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) said that tea party members of Congress “would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree.”

Cleaver, a Methodist minister who founded a Civility Caucus some years back, is known for his non-combative style and strong party loyalty. He recently told the National Journal, “I am convinced, irreversibly, that the lack of civility is causing most of the problems we have in our government. We’ve gotten to the point now where Republicans and Democrats have nothing in common besides being members of the ‘caustic caucus,’ and we can’t get anything done.”

Some other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, however, have not been as restrained in expressing their frustration with President Obama, as well as with the tea party.

It’s not personal,” Cleaver insisted of their attitude towards Obama. “They’re attacking his policies, or lack thereof, with regard to this gigantic unemployment problem among African-Americans. If we can’t criticize a black president, then it’s all over.”


Egyptian Protesters Outside Israeli Embassy Bear Signs with Swastikas: ‘The Gas Chambers Are Ready’

Egyptian Protesters Outside Israeli Embassy Bear Signs with Swastikas: ‘The Gas Chambers Are Ready’

Tiffany Gabbay

While perhaps not shocking, it is profoundly disturbing that in the purportedly more “moderate” Egypt of 2011, demonstrators took to the streets outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo with signs bearing swastikas and a message that read: “the gas chambers are ready.”

It was feared by some that the fall of Mubarak would create a vacuum, thereby opening the door for an Israel-hostile regime to enter Egypt’s halls of power. If “democracy” is what the Egyptian spring truly sought and cared about, then why the vitriolic calls for Jews to be sent to the gas chambers? And to whose gas chambers, exactly, are the protesters referring?

Is this what Israel has to look forward to from its ever-changing neighbor?

MEMRI translates the signs and provides the all Arabic-language report that originally aired on Al-Jazeera in Qatar:


Black incarceration rates tripled during Clinton Presidency: The impact of high Black male incarceration rates

The impact of high Black male incarceration rates
By Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell

Needless to say, with America?s criminal justice system primed to incarcerate Black men, in particular, the impact of the mandatory sentencing and strict drug laws is being felt heavily in Black communities from coast to coast.

Each year, when 650,000 ex-prisoners return to communities all across the United States, many suffer from deteriorating health conditions and must confront a hostile environment where their rehabilitation will be difficult to achieve.

What’s more, the families and communities they are rejoining may have changed significantly during their absence—creating a totally new dynamic for these ex-prisoners to overcome at a time when their circumstances already make them vulnerable.

When America embarked on its aggressive campaign to “get tough on crime” by swelling the nation’s prison ranks, it’s now clear that not enough emphasis was put on creating healthy prison environments or considering the impact that incarcerating so many people would have on the families and communities that they left behind.

Needless to say, with America’s criminal justice system primed to incarcerate Black men, in particular, the impact of the mandatory sentencing and strict drug laws is being felt heavily in Black communities from coast to coast. Of the 2.1 million people incarcerated in jails and prisons in 2005, 548,300 were Black males between the ages of 20 and 39. Put another way, 4.7 percent of all Black males in the United States were incarcerated, compared to 0.7 of the White males.

The original “war on crime” back into the late 1960s centered on providing social programs to address poverty, which was widely seen as an incubator for crime. Many programs were developed that emphasized rehabilitating offenders. Twenty years later, however, the new mandate to the criminal justice system was “do something about drugs,” and that translated into the biggest increase ever in the nation’s prison population. Instead of training people for jobs, government money was spent on building more prisons.

Arrests for drug violations skyrocketed from 661,000 in 1983 to 1,126,300 in 1993. From 1980 to 1993, the percentage of White inmates rose 163 percent, while the percentage of Black inmates increased by 217 percent. And by the end of 1993, half of all federal and state prisoners were Blacks.

In Fact, the levels of incarceration for Black Males has often been referred to as America\'s new slavery. Many have gone so far as to note studies that found the Safest Place for a Black Male is in Prison!

Perhaps the biggest victims of this policy were children—the sons and daughters of the prisoners. By 1999, there were 721,500 parents in federal and state prisons, and they were parents to1.5 million children. The social impact of so many children with parents in prison is devastating, especially in low-income communities. It fosters an environment where children don’t have role models and may fall into the same bad habits of their parents. We also must consider the psychological impact. While the father is incarcerated, children and families not only lose the financial and emotional support of the missing parent, but must deal with the stigma of having a family member in prison.

Moreover, the community receives another jolt—when the prisoner comes home. Prisons have become a nest for many infectious and chronic diseases ranging from HIV/AIDS to hepatitis to tuberculosis. In fact, the rate of confirmed AIDS cases in prisons runs five times higher than the general population. Inmates are ineligible for Medicaid when they are incarcerated, so their healthcare services are limited. When Medicaid benefits, as well as other benefits, are lost upon incarceration, there is often a lengthy lag time for reinstatement when a prisoner is released.

Generally, there are no federal or state requirements to ensure that benefits are available upon release from prison, a situation that increases homelessness and blocks access to needed health care. Unfortunately, because of lapses in record keeping neither federal nor state agencies know how many former prisoners permanently lose benefits. The federal government requires the suspension of benefits while someone is in prison, but allows a flawed process to exist for restoring those benefits. Thus, when inmates return home, they are usually in poor health—mentally and physically. Their poor health is another burden for their families, many of which don’t have health insurance; meanwhile, their community has to deal with the spread of diseases.

Clearly, the negative results from increasing the prison population has taken away any benefit that political leaders sought by supposedly taking criminals off the streets.

If America sticks with this misguided policy, there has to be significant changes made to better ensure that real rehabilitation takes place in prisons, that inmates have access to quality healthcare and that more support is available to help inmates on their reentry into their families, as well as their communities. Let’s correct bad public policy.

We have seen the impact of what more prison walls have brought us; now it’s time to invest in the health and well-being of people.

(Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell, associate director of Development at the National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse School of Medicine, is also director of Community Voices, a non-profit working to improve health services, and healthcare access, for all Americans.)


Black incarceration rates tripled during Clinton era

WASHINGTON—Former President Bill Clinton left a legacy in the prison system during his eight years in office that was more punitive than both of his Republican predecessors Ronald Reagan and George Bush combined, according to a new report from the Justice Policy Institute (JPI).

Furthermore, in the last two decades the rate of Black incarceration more than tripled, rising from 1,156 Blacks in jail per 100,000 Black citizens in 1980 when Mr. Reagan took office, to more than 3,620 per 100,000 Blacks in 1999, near the end of Mr. Clinton’s term, according to JPI’s report, “Too Little, Too Late: Clinton’s Prison Legacy.”

After more than a decade in which the Black incarceration rate increased by an average of 138.4 per 100,000 per year, more than doubling the number of Blacks in federal custody between 1980 and 1992, the Black incarceration rate continued to increase by an average of 100.4 per 100,000 during the Clinton era, according to the report.

“President Clinton stole the show from the ‘tough on crime’ Republicans,” said Vincent Schiraldi, JPI president on Feb. 19 when his group released its study to reporters. Mr. Clinton was “right to call for criminal justice reform in a recent Rolling Stone interview,” Mr. Schiraldi continued, referring to an end-of-his-term interview with the magazine. “He was wrong to do so little about it while he was in office.”

Mr. Clinton’s controversial end-of-term pardons—including a major drug “kingpin”—illustrate the inconsistency between Mr. Clinton’s rhetoric and his actions, according to one of the report’s authors. The Justice Policy Foundation launched a campaign to win pardons or clemency for 1,000 non-violent drug offenders on whom they had detailed research and information supporting their appeals, according to Jason Ziedenberg, co-author of the JPI report. Only 17 persons on that list were among the more than 400 last-minute pardons issued by Mr. Clinton.

More than 673,000 inmates were added to the state and federal prisons during the Clinton presidency, and the federal incarceration rate doubled from its level at the end of Mr. Reagan’s term, and rose more than 61 percent above the rate at the end of Mr. Bush’s term, the group found.

There were 17 prisoners per 100,000 citizens in 1988 when Mr. Reagan left office. There were 42 per 100,000 at the end of 1999.

In addition, the total number of prisoners under federal jurisdiction increased from 80,259 to 147,126, during Mr. Clinton’s watch, increasing more than it did under the previous 12 years of Republican rule combined.

The report recommends that President George W. Bush make good on his campaign promise of “making sure the powder-cocaine and crack-cocaine penalties are the same,” by abolishing federal crack vs. powder sentencing disparities during this legislative session. Mr. Ziedenberg also complained that Mr. Clinton vetoed legislation which would have equalized those guidelines, after a study panel recommended those changes.

The report also cites the efforts by the Republican governors of both New York and New Mexico to ease the so-called “WAR ON DRUGS” in favor of increased drug treatment, and it calls on President Bush to support state efforts to divert non-violent offenders from prison into treatment, by fulfilling his campaign promise to provide an additional $1 billion for treatment programs.

“When (Mr.) Clinton came into office, he had a 10-year incarceration boom to outshine,
” stated report co-author Lisa Feldman. “As the (former) governor with the nation’s largest prison population and the most executions, President Bush has no need to prove his conservative mettle. He has shown he can be tough on crime—now he has the opportunity to prove he can be smart on crime as well.


Hidden Anti-Semitism? Efforts to Ban Circumcision Gain Traction in California

Efforts to Ban Circumcision Gain Traction in California

Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Published: June 4, 2011

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — When a group of activists proposed banning circumcision in San Francisco last fall, many people simply brushed them aside. Even in that liberal seaside city, it seemed implausible that thousands of people would support an effort to outlaw an ancient ritual that Jews and Muslims believe fulfills a commandment issued by God.

Rabbi Yehuda Lebovics opposes a ban.

But last month, the group collected the more than 7,100 signatures needed to get a measure on the fall ballot that would make it illegal to snip the foreskin of a minor within city limits. Now a similar effort is under way in Santa Monica to get such a measure on the ballot for November 2012.

If the anticircumcision activists (they prefer the term “intactivists”) have their way, cities across the country may be voting on whether to criminalize a practice that is common in many American hospitals. Activists say the measures would protect children from an unnecessary medical procedure, calling it “male genital mutilation.”

“This is the furthest we’ve gotten, and it is a huge step for us,” said Matthew Hess, an activist based in San Diego who wrote both bills.

Mr. Hess has created similar legislation for states across the country, but those measures never had much traction. Now he is fielding calls from people who want to organize similar movements in their cities.

“This is a conversation we are long overdue to have in this country,”
he said. “The end goal for us is making cutting boys’ foreskin a federal crime.”

Jewish groups see the ballot measures as a very real threat, likening them to bans on circumcision that existed in Soviet-era Russia and Eastern Europe and in ancient Roman and Greek times. The circumcision of males is an inviolable requirement of Jewish law that dates back to Abraham’s circumcision of himself in the Book of Genesis.

They say the proposed ban is an assault on religious freedom that could have a widespread impact all over the country. Beyond the biblical, there are emotional connections: checking for circumcision was one of the ways Jewish children could be culled from their peers by Nazis and the czar’s armies.

“People are shocked that it has reached this level because there has never been this kind of a direct assault on a Jewish practice here,
” said Marc Stern, associate general counsel for the American Jewish Committee, an advocacy group. “This is something that American Jews have always taken for granted — that something that was so contested elsewhere but here, we’re safe and we’re secure.”

Mr. Hess also writes an online comic book, “Foreskin Man,” with villains like “Monster Mohel.” On Friday, the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement saying the comic employed “grotesque anti-Semitic imagery.”

Jena Troutman, the mother of two young boys who is promoting the ballot measure in Santa Monica, said she did not think of herself as a crusader against religion. Instead, she views her work as a chance to educate would-be parents against a procedure that “can really do serious damage to the child.”

“I am just a mom trying to save the little babies,” Ms. Troutman said. “I’d rather be on the beach, but nobody is talking about this, so I have to.”

Ms. Troutman has run the Web site wholebabyrevolution.com for two years, and she is fond of rattling off sayings like “Your baby is perfect, no snipping required.” Well versed in the stories of circumcisions gone awry, she said the recent death of a New York City toddler who was circumcised at a hospital convinced her that she should push for the ballot measure.

Ms. Troutman, who has worked as a lactation educator and a doula, said she often approached women on the beach to warn them about the dangers of circumcising, but she has declined to answer questions about her own children.

Although precise numbers are not known, several studies have indicated that circumcision rates have been declining in the United States for the past several years and now range from 30 percent to 50 percent of all male infants.

Many medical groups take a neutral approach, saying that the practice is not harmful and that there is not enough scientific evidence to conclude that it is necessary, and leave the decision to parents and their doctor. Several studies have linked circumcision with a reduction in the spread of H.I.V. Roughly half of the 694 baby boys born in the Santa Monica-U.C.L.A. Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital in 2010 were circumcised before they left the hospital, officials there said.

Dr. David Baron, a family physician, certified mohel — someone who performs ritual circumcision — and former chief of staff at Santa Monica-U.C.L.A., said that he would not press any parent to circumcise a son but that he viewed the effort to ban the procedure as “ridiculous and dishonest.”

“To say it is mutilation is wrong from the get-go,” Dr. Baron said. “It is a perfectly valid decision to say that it is not what you want for your child. Any doctor who says it is needed is not being honest, but to say that it needs to be banned is shocking.”

If the ballot measure passed, it would certainly face legal challenges. But several legal experts said it was far from certain that it would be struck down in a court. Ms. Troutman said she considered putting religious exemptions in the measure, but then decided, “Why should only some babies be protected?”

Rabbi Yehuda Lebovics, an Orthodox mohel based in Los Angeles who says he has performed some 20,000 circumcisions over several decades, said he often had to soothe nervous mothers.

“I am now doing the sons of the boys I did 30 years ago,” Rabbi Lebovics said. “So I turn to the new mother and ask, ‘Do you have any complaints in the way it turned out?’ ”


Eric Holder: Black Panther case focus demeans ‘my people’

Attorney General Eric Holder finally got fed up Tuesday with claims that the Justice Department went easy in a voting rights case against members of the New Black Panther Party because they are African American.

Holder’s frustration over the criticism became evident during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing as Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) accused the Justice Department of failing to cooperate with a Civil Rights Commission investigation into the handling of the 2008 incident in which Black Panthers in intimidating outfits and wielding a club stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia.

Left of Center

The Attorney General seemed to take personal offense at a comment Culberson read in which former Democratic activist Bartle Bull called the incident the most serious act of voter intimidation he had witnessed in his career.

“Think about that,” Holder said. “When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, to compare what people subjected to that with what happened in Philadelphia, which was inappropriate….to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line for my people,” said Holder, who is black.

Holder noted that his late sister-in-law, Vivian Malone Jones, helped integrate the University of Alabama.

“To compare that kind of courage, that kind of action, to say some Black Panther incident is of greater concern to us, historically, I think just flies in the face of history,” Holder said with evident exasperation.

In a series of questions and comments earlier in the hearing, Culberson insisted that race had infected the decision-making process. “There’s clearly overwhelming evidence that your Department of Justice refuses to protect the rights of anybody other than African-Americans to vote,” the Texas Republican said. “There’s a double standard here.”

“This Department of Justice does not enforce the law on the basis of race,” Holder insisted.

Rep. Chaka Fattah, a Democrat from Philadelphia, said the Black Panthers “should not have been there.” But he said the GOP was making too much out of a fleeting incident involving a couple of people.

“The most unethical thing a person can do is make allegations based on absolutely nothing,” Fattah said. “The only issue of race is singling out this particular decision…That this rises to national significance is bogus on its face.”