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Ex-astronaut’s advice to child: ‘Study Russian’

Ex-astronaut’s advice to child: ‘Study Russian’

The Discovery shuttle flew for the last time Tuesday, beginning in Cape Canaveral, Fla., on the back of a 747, looping around the monuments in Washington D.C., and landing in Virginia, where it will ultimately be transferred to the Udvar-Hazy annex of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

In Washington, onlookers left buildings and stood on rooftops to watch the shuttle and its escort circle the city.

NASA retired the shuttle program last month with Discovery’s final space flight, and as P.J. O’Rourke recently wrote, the state of the U.S. program is unclear:

But the U.S. space program is short of machinery, muddled about goals, and low in morale. The space shuttle has been retired. Thousands of NASA employees and contractors lost their jobs. We have no way to get a man into space except by asking Vladimir Putin, “Mother Russia, May I?”

The Bush-era Constellation program, with its moon and Mars capabilities, was canceled. Neil Armstrong called the decision “devastating.” The Augustine Commission, an Obama administration panel of scientists, retired astronauts, and aerospace experts chaired by former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine, judged Constellation to be hopelessly behind schedule, underfunded, and over budget. I’m glad they didn’t judge me.

The new Space Launch System or SLS, the heavy launch vehicle that will replace Constellation’s Ares I and Ares V rockets, won’t be ready for a manned flight until at least 2021. Where the SLS will go is, as it were, up in the air. Lunar orbit? Asteroid? Lagrange point? (A Lagrange point is the place between two gravitational bodies where an object is held stationary in perfect equilibrium.) What if Jack Kennedy had declared we were going to put a man on a Lagrange point by the end of the decade? The nation would have been inspired to watch ballet in a suburb of Chicago.

In 2011, China launched more rockets into orbit than the U.S.—the first time ever, according to Gizmodo. Though the U.S. retains advantages in funding, the Chinese launched 19 rockets last year, while the U.S. launched 18; both were eclipsed by Russia, which sent 31 rockets into space.

When asked for advice Tuesday, former Discovery astronaut Dr. Anna Fisher told a boy watching the shuttle, “Study Russian.”


What is the REAL reason the space shuttle program was discontinued?

Shuttle Program Discontinued For A Hidden Reason?

By Ted Tweitmeyer

For many years while the shuttles have been flying, NASA has been working on an advanced engine for a new space plane which will have sufficient velocity to achieve orbit. A number of difficulties were encountered during development of the new engine technology and the exact status of it is currently unknown. No known successful test launch into orbit of a space plane from runway on the ground has taken place at NASA. Yet the agency discontinued the shuttle program without a viable replacement, instead counting on the struggling Russian space agency and a 3 person Apollo-style capsule for ferrying astronauts to/from the space station. Does this make sense?

To many people, the loss of the shuttle program brings to mind the private space program which has already achieved orbit. It would make you wonder if it could replace the shuttle. Consider that if the space station was now under construction, this tiny passenger-oriented space plane could not lift the massive sections of the space station up to the requisite 200 mile high orbit. The private space plane would need to be incredibly huge to accomplish such a task.

Lifting a few passengers up to very low Earth orbit (essentially sub-orbital for all practical purposes) whose orbit soon decays is one thing. Lifting massive, multi-ton ton space station modules and satellites up to a real Earth orbital altitude where they will stay there by themselves with little help for years is quite a different story. Satellites are several stories tall and utilize a single stage engine to lift them to approximately a 22,500 mile high orbit.

Could the reason for the discontinuance of the program have anything to do with the new Moon No-Fly Zone?

Perhaps to find out why our manned space program is essentially and possibly intentionally crippled we need to look at a few developments:

1. Advanced space vehicle technology is already in use by government agencies which employs a form of gravity propulsion. Thousands of eyewitnesses have seen these huge vehicles, often appearing as flying triangles and possibly other shapes. Many triangles fly so slowly and close to the ground they block out most of the sky. Sometimes these are low enough that seams and features on the hull’s surface have been sighted. This technology clearly makes the space shuttle program useless, as it has been for more than 20 years since these vehicles first went airborne. Further, this technology can do everything the shuttle does and much more but with much less fanfare, no pollution and almost no noise.

2. One description of the early black triangle propulsion system almost thirty years ago was described as a ring 60 feet in diameter filled with high pressure, rotating mercury vapor to reduce the weight of the vehicle by 89%. A thruster in each corner of the vehicle would counter the remaining weight. Since that time we can be certain many more advances have been made.

2. Were we told in the past to stay out of space by ET or their agents? There was a long-forgotten NASA press conference held near the end of March 1998. In this conference it was stated there would be no more manned space missions and no reason was given. Then the very next day another press conference was held where it was stated that manned missions will continue. Again, no answer or reason was given for the second statement. Why?

3. On June 11, 2011 NASA sent out a short video message to its employees about being prepared. Did they know about hurricane Irene TWO MONTHS before it would occur? The spokesman in the video (which was posted on the NASA website) flatly stated NASA is also responsible for “people on other worlds.” What other worlds? What more do they know but refuse to make public? Apparently quite a lot. For them to know about Irene ahead of time is fascinating in itself.

4. The History Channel has devoted hundreds of hours to shows which they produced themselves that talk about UFOs, abductions and evidence that aliens have interacted with humans throughout history. When this same network first aired shows about aliens and UFOs years ago, they were almost always filled with cynicism, ridicule and negative comments about these very topics. Abducted people were often treated terribly on their older shows. These shows were also narrated by the same unmistakable voice which narrated the PBS Nova series for decades. Now these shows are no longer aired and have been replaced with pro-alien shows.

5. Werner VonBraun, the late former Nazi scientist and his team are the real founders of the US space program which pre-dates NASA. VonBraun was asked many years ago how could he possibly develop such advanced technology back in the early 1900s. He pointed upward, quietly saying “We had help.” According to his secretary Bonnie Holmes, back in the seventies VonBraun stated that long range plans in place for America include wars, terrorism and will lastly be followed by the announcement of an alien threat. His secretary has already gone public with this information herself.

I spent many hours plowing through NASA’s image servers and was able to find a photo of a toroid ring. This object looks far too large to be a tire tube for a truck:

Hairstyle of the women in this image suggests this photo was taken about 50 years ago. (Note hairstyle of female at 1:00 position.) These people appear to be inspecting the ring for any defects as no tools are visible here. If the height of the man standing near the left side is about 5ft tall, this toroid appears to be about 7 feet thick.

6. While perhaps not related, more and more alien-threat type movies are hitting theaters. The last time we saw this type of activity was back 60 years ago, such as the first version of the film “The Day The Earth Stood Still” which boldly portrayed a single alien and his robot telling all of mankind what they must do. Today’s films are far more violent, and often portray humans as unable to fight back and hanging onto life by a thread.. Films like “Battle of LA” and “Skyline.” There is at least one post-alien attack television series about this scenario, too.

7. Flyovers of massive black triangles, such as the one which flew over the Hudson river valley years ago have been seen by thousands of people. These sightings and encounters very well may be staged events (if humans fly all of them.) These sightings could also be used as evidence to “prove” aliens are already here.

Connecting all these dots leads us to at least one possible conclusion ­ We are on the verge of hearing an announcement from the government that advanced space technology already exists. That should really hammer the already skittish and rumor-driven stock markets into the ground and the world economy along with it. We’ll also certainly be told as well that the shuttle program is no longer necessary. Perhaps the idea of an outside alien threat (as stated by president Ronald Reagan) will also be used to start up the fear-factor in the population all over again, just as 9/11 did ten years ago.

Announcement of “new” superior spacecraft technology developed or used by the government (which thousands of people have already seen outdoors) will first require the cooperation of the secret space program which operates vehicles propelled by advanced gravity drive technology. Some children don’t like to share toys in their sandbox. But an announcement of an “outside alien threat” could be the catalyst to make that happen. When you have worked with the government you soon understand it has taken on a life of it’s own and is far bigger than any one man, or group of men. But suppose the agency which operates these vehicles decides not to cooperate in the disclosure process? One possible alternative is to claim these human-built vehicles are of alien origin. After all, who outside of government can prove they are not?

It has been said that time reveals all things, and indeed it will.

Ted Twietmeyer

[email protected]