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The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe – The Swine Flu Global Eugenics Program





August 16, 2009






19 August 2009 – update
Read down below for detailed information about Joe Moshe, who was cited
by Dr Bill Deagle at the start of yesterday’s radio show (read
below). Moshe was dramatically arrested and detained by the FBI last
week having earlier called Dr True Ott’s radio show claiming that
Baxter was incorporating a bioweapon in its vaccine.

Dr Bill Deagle below for full context.


19 August 2009
See below for a 39 minute extract, edited for clarity and with
commercials removed, in which Dr Bill Deagle talks to Project
Camelot on yesterday’s radio show. Essential listening for anyone
who wants to understand what is currently going on.

We cannot
recommend this highly enough.





So, ‘ya wanna talk conspiracy’s?
– Try this on for size then


This interview goes way down the rabbit hole

On August 19th, 2009 Rebel says:

I have known this has been coming for the last 10 months, just
by what I have seen on MSM (and some insight from AJ) I would
love to debunk this guy, but I have done research and he is
right on about many things.

I think this is it.

Nothing is more important than this coming culling of the
population. Unfortunately people you warned won’t be around to
say I told you so.
God help us.

I hope like hell it doesn’t come to this and I can be labeled as
a crazy conspiracy theorist. It isn’t going to be good.

Listen to the Project Camelot radio interview with Dr.

Bill Deagle

and hear even more interesting facts about Joseph Moshe, and the
swine flu global eugenics program.





On Thursday, August 13th, 2009 I was perusing several websites for
anything of interest pertaining to the "ParaSpiracy" world, when I
stumbled across a post at Godlike

According to the post, a man in a red Volkswagen sent LAPD, the FBI
and the Secret Service on a high speed pursuit throughout Westwood,
California which abruptly ended near the Veteran Administration
Building in a tense standoff.

Attached to the post was a link which I visited and subsequently got
the source code for the live news chopper video stream and embedded
it here at
which many of you may have saw live
and unedited.


For those of you unfamiliar with this
story, the video below will help get you (partially) up to speed.












Now lets discern what we have heard from reporters on the scene.

  1. It was claimed that the Secret Service wanted to speak with him
    regarding threats this man allegedly made to the White House.

  2. Over 1,000 people in the vicinity were evacuated, all because of
    1 man in a little red Volkswagen. This included the Federal

  3. Notice the the Military Armored
    Personnel vehicle in the first
    video (11:31 am). How did it get on scene so quickly during lunch
    hour traffic in Los Angeles?

  4. A reporter in the first video states that,

    • "the driver was wanted
      on several warrants as well, one of them a misdemeanor… so they
      already had their eye on him… they were chasing him, and then the
      Secret Service joined in…"

  5. There are conflicting reports of 2 suspects actually being in the
    car at one point, which has not been further mentioned, let alone

Now take a look at the next set of video
as the situation escalates several hours later.



Joseph Moshe Westwood Standoff



August 20, 2009




Now, what did we just see here?

The suspect remained calm during a volley of tear gas and smoke
grenade assaults. Seatbelt still on, not speaking or displaying any
threatening behavior whatsoever.

We also see a very cautious swat team backing off very quickly after
spraying a stream of pepper spray into the (now broken) drivers side
However, the driver remained in his vehicle to the sheer amazement
of everyone watching live.

Inevitably the man was overpowered and tazered shortly after, but
walked away in the custody of an LAPD S.W.A.T team miraculously under
his own power.

(* With the exception of KTLA’s live aerial footage, this may be the
only known video of the siege leading up to the man’s subsequent
arrest. Its very important to note that now there is a Black SUV
type vehicle – far right – with a microwave antennae which has many
suggesting a ‘pulse type weapon’ may have additionally been used to
disable the car, or even subdue the driver.)







Now… Here’s where it gets interesting.

This is the official

Main Stream Media
‘s version
of the incident and
what led up to it.


Picture 4 below, shows an officer/agent behind a microwave antennae.
Also none of the officers/agents in the photos has any type of
insignia on their uniforms.

This is odd at best.


Dramatic moment man who ‘threatened to blow up the White House’ is
Tasered by police after eight-hour stand-off

by Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:42 PM on 14th August 2009

This is the moment a man making threats against the White House was
finally seized from his car after an eight-hour stand-off.

The drama unfolded on Wednesday when the man, identified as Joseph
Moshe, called a police dispatch number and threatened to blow up the
White House, according to reports.

Officers then spotted his red Volkswagen Beetle at about 10am and
pursued him through the west side of Los Angeles.



Moshe headed to the federal building parking area and drove around
it once before a police SUV blocked him as he tried to return to the
street. Authorities then surrounded his car with police cruisers and
a large armored vehicle.

The federal building was locked down at noon and employees were told
to stay inside.

The man then sat in the car smoking for hours before a robot broke a
rear window of the car so officers could see inside and try to
communicate. However Moshe did not respond, said a police spokesman.


A police robot maneuvered next to the driver’s door, and an armored
vehicle parked in front of the vehicle so the man could not escape.


Police then fired tear gas into the suspect’s vehicle in an attempt
to force him to surrender. But Moshe remained inside the car and briefly wound down the
passenger window to let out the fumes.

He withstood four rounds of chemical agents before officers shot out
the drivers’ window with a bean bag gun.



Officers then used a Taser to restrain him before finally pulling
him out of the car

Detective Gus Villanueva said Moshe was booked on two previous
unrelated misdemeanor warrants but did not provide details.
Officials later said he was taken to a hospital for observation.

Asked how the man was able to withstand multiple rounds of tear gas,
Villanueva said some people are able to resist the chemicals.

‘I can’t explain that, there’s no way to explain that,’ he said.

So now that everybody is up to speed, I suggest you buckle up.
This is where the Mad Hatters ride begins.
Mainstream Media
has virtually suspended any further mention
of this story, lets reopen it.

What you are about to discover is sure to surprise you.






According to a recent post in the

forums of
the suspect taken into custody was one Joseph Moshe, here’s an
excerpt from the thread as written by HL SHANCKEnofont>

User ID: 574264
8/15/2009 11:37 PM.


"Joseph Moshe (Moshe is the man’s middle name) is a bio-scientist.
He works (worked?) for a unit within Mossad. He is an Israeli

The Secret Service was not the agency involved in the surveillance
of Moshe at his home in California. This was done by the FBI, who
had orders to detain him, or "bring him in."

Moshe did not send a threat to the White House. Rather, he
communicated that he intended to go public with information he had
regarding the flu vaccine that is being prepared by Baxter Labs, an
Austrian company.

The information is this: The vaccine is being manufactured in
Ukraine. It is not a vaccine at all, but rather an engineered
genetically mutated bio-weapon meant to cause sickness and death.
Moshe informed the White House he intended to go public with this
information. When he became aware that the FBI was about to detain
him, he packed some belongings in his car and set out for the
Israeli consulate, located in close proximity to the federal
building where the standoff took place. FBI pursuit kept him from
reaching his destination.

Mounted on top of the large black vehicle was a microwave weapon
which fried the electronics in Moshe’s car as well as any
communication devices he had which might have been used to contact
the media or others who could help him.

Moshe did not suffer the same effects of the gas and pepper spray
that others would have because he had built up an immunity to such
weapons as a by-product of his Mossad training.

Moshe was not handcuffed because he was not placed under arrest.
After leaving police or FBI custody, he returned to Israel, where he
is at this time.

The information comes from one of my confidential sources. I have
reason to believe it is accurate. If I receive more information I
will post it."

Editors note:

There is a preamble attached to this post that is best read now to
understand the gravity of this bizarre storyline.



Below is the Foreword to a 1999 book

by Ken Alibek,

"On a bleak island in the Aral Sea, one hundred monkeys are tethered
to posts set in parallel rows stretching out toward the horizon. A
muffled thud breaks the stillness. Far in the distance, a small
metal sphere lifts into the sky then hurtles downward, rotating,
until it shatters in a second explosion.

Some seventy-five feet above the
ground, a cloud the color of dark
mustard begins to unfurl, gently dissolving as it glides down toward
the monkeys. They pull at their chains and begin to cry. Some bury
their heads between their legs. A few cover their mouths or noses,
but it is too late: they have already begun to die.

At the other end of the island, a handful of men in biological
protective suits observe the scene through binoculars, taking notes.
In a few hours, they will receive the still-breathing monkeys and
return them to cages where the animals will be under continuous
examination for the next several days until, one by one, they die of
anthrax or tularemia, Q fever, brucellosis, glanders, or plague.


These are the tests I supervised throughout the 1980s and early
1990s. They formed the foundation of the Soviet Union’s spectacular
breakthroughs in biological warfare.

Between 1988 and 1992, I was the first chief deputy of Biopreparat,
the Soviet state pharmaceutical agency whose primary function was to
develop and produce weapons made from the most dangerous viruses,
toxins, and bacteria known to man. Biopreparat was the hub of a
clandestine empire of research, testing, and manufacturing
facilities spread over more than forty sites in Russia and


Nearly every important government institution played a
role in the Soviet biological weapons program: the Ministry of
Defense, the Ministries of Agriculture and Health, the Soviet
Academy of Sciences, the Communist Party Central Committee, and, of
course, the KGB. The System, as Biopreparat was often called, was
more successful than the Kremlin had ever dared to hope.

Over a twenty-year period that began, ironically, with Moscow’s
endorsement of the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972, the Soviet
Union built the largest and most advanced biological warfare
establishment in the world. We were among the 140 signatories of the
convention, pledging "not to develop, produce, stockpile, or
otherwise acquire or retain" biological agents for offensive
military purposes.


At the same time, through our covert program, we
stockpiled hundreds of tons of anthrax and dozens of tons of plague
and smallpox near Moscow and other Russian cities for use against
the United States and its Western allies.

What went on in Biopreparat’s labs was one of the most closely
guarded secrets of the Cold War.

Before I became an expert in biological warfare I was trained as a
physician. The government I served perceived no contradiction
between the oath every doctor takes to preserve life and our
preparations for mass murder. For a long time, neither did I.

Less than a decade ago, I was a much-decorated army colonel, marked
out for further promotion in one of the Soviet Union’s most elite
military programs. If I had stayed in Russia, I would have been a
major general by now, and you would never have heard my name.


But in
1992, after seventeen years inside Biopreparat, I resigned my
position and fled with my family to the United States. In numerous
debriefing sessions, I provided U.S. officials with their first
comprehensive picture of our activities. Most of what I told them
has never been revealed in public.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the danger once posed by our
weapons work has largely diminished. Biopreparat claims that it no
longer conducts offensive research, and Russia’s stockpile of germs
and viruses has been destroyed.


But the threat of a biological
attack has increased as the knowledge developed in our labs – of
lethal formulations that took our scientists years to discover–has
spread to rogue regimes and terrorist groups. [ed. note – the author
has no proof that the Russian threat has diminished as he claims,
and the rogue regimes and terror organizations answer to Moscow.]


Bioweapons are no longer contained within the bipolar world of the
Cold War. They are cheap, easy to make, and easy to use. In the
coming years, they will become very much a part of our lives.

Since leaving Moscow I have encountered an alarming level of
ignorance about biological weapons. Some of the best scientists I’ve
met in the West say it isn’t possible to alter viruses genetically
to make reliable weapons, or to store enough of a given pathogen for
strategic purposes, or to deliver it in a way that assures maximum
killing power. My knowledge and experience tell me that they are
wrong. I have written this book to explain why.

There are some who maintain that discussing the subject will cause
needless alarm.


But existing defenses against these weapons are
dangerously inadequate, and when biological terror strikes, as I’m
convinced it will, public ignorance will only heighten the disaster.
The first step we must take to protect ourselves is to understand
what biological weapons are and how they work.


The alternative is to
remain as helpless as the monkeys in the Aral Sea."

Do you see where this is headed?
Now everyone should know who and what Baxter Labs is, but if not

click HERE


It seems Baxter DOES have a lab in the Ukraine.

Baxter Ukraine
29 Beresnyakovskaya st
02098 Kiev
Phone: +38 044 4962410

Later in this post
we’ll explore it a bit closer and show you how all of this ties

But for now here’s a thread quote that best sums everything up


User ID: 749526
8/16/2009 12:00 AM
Re: LA Standoff Explained
– Moshe Was Going Public About Vaccine

An apc, at least 50 officers with weapons drawn, streets closed,
apartments evacuated, fed building on lockdown, 8 hours plus to
remove him from his RED BEETLE, all because he "threatened" the
White House? From L.A.? In a red v dub? And he took 3 tear gas
shells in that tiny car and was hosed with pepper spray? And he’s
not dead? ok… is it just me? Or does anyone else see something
wrong with this picture?

So… who the hell exactly is Joseph Moshe ?

He certainly kicked up a firestorm of speculation which quickly
prompted the good people at GLP to embark on various avenues of
independent research. Nothing beats the power of the people it seems.
At least the awake ones…

An "ANONYMOUS COWARD" posted this find:


Standoff suspect had been charged with
elder abuse against mother

by Larry Altman

Staff Writer

August 14, 2009


The Westchester man suspected of threatening to blow up the White
House and engaging in an eight-hour standoff with police was already
being prosecuted for allegedly terrorizing and abusing his mother.

Joseph Moshe, 56, was wanted in two misdemeanor cases charging him
with trespassing, violating a restraining order and elder abuse, Los
Angeles Deputy City Attorney Mitch Fox said.

He was arrested Thursday after withstanding four blasts of tear gas
into his car, where he sat for hours, refusing to come out. Special
weapons team officers blasted Moshe with a Taser at the end of the
ordeal and took him to jail.

His mother, Julia Moshe, told the Daily Breeze during the siege
Thursday that her son was a sick man. She obtained a restraining
order in recent months to keep him away from her, Fox said.

"She lives in fear of him," the prosecutor said.

In January, Moshe went to his mother’s residence and refused to
leave. She called police after three days, Fox said.
Moshe made repeated calls to his mother, threatening her and making
demands, Fox said. Many of the calls were recorded.
Moshe yells, screams and threatens his mother, the prosecutor said.

The charges do not involve assaults against her, but the elderly
woman indicated that her son has been physical in the past, Fox

A judge issued a warrant for Moshe’s arrest on July 29 when he
failed to appear for proceedings at the Airport Courthouse.
Police said Moshe called 911 on Wednesday and threatened to blow up
the White House.
Dispatchers notified the U.S. Secret Service, which protects the

Secret Service agents began conducting an investigation on Thursday,
discovering the court warrants seeking Moshe’s arrest.

When agents went to speak with Moshe about 10 a.m., he drove away in
his red Volkswagen Beetle. Los Angeles police officers tried to stop
him, but he sped away and drove to the Federal Building in Westwood.

Moshe then refused to come out or talk to officers, even after tear
gas was fired into the car and blasted into his face with a hose.
Special weapons team officers shot him about 6:30 p.m. with a Taser
and pulled him from the car.

Moshe’s mother refused comment on Friday"




Moshe’s mother refused comment on Friday

Could this be a fabricated cover story?

Which prompted this members’

feasible explanation

User ID: 726572
8/16/2009 2:50 AM
Re: LA Standoff Explained–Moshe Was Going Public About Vaccine

I’ll say this. If you knew something really, really bad was about to
take place and you tried to warn people, like say your mother, your
family. They would ignore you and probably think you were nuts. And
if you spent three days at your moms house trying to convince her
and insisting she not get the flu shot because it was a bad thing,
she might call the police on you. Sometimes when a person acts
strange they have a good reason to be acting strange.

Quoting: Anonymous Coward 749379
Yup, have experienced it first hand with my family. But I keep
trying to get them to start looking at the whole picture, not just
the tidbits the MSM throws at them."

Another poster managed to dig this up:

"Prussian Blue
User ID: 719991
8/16/2009 2:17 AM
Re: LA Standoff Explained–Moshe Was Going Public About Vaccine

I’ll throw this out as a "for what it’s worth"…

Did a Google search on Joseph Moshe and came across this at the
following website: [link to

"Moshe Bar-Joseph"

"This is a preview profile on BiomedExperts – the first
literature-based scientific social network. It brings the right
researchers together and allows them to collaborate online. Collexis
and Dell provide the BiomedExperts network of +1.5 Million
pre-calculated profiles free of charge to researchers worldwide."

Check out some of the publications he co-authored:

Tatineni Satyanarayana; Afunian Mohammad R; Gowda Siddarame; Hilf
Mark E; Bar-Joseph Moshe; Dawson William O.

"Characterization of the 5′- and 3′-terminal subgenomic RNAs
produced by a capillovirus: Evidence for a CP subgenomic RNA."

Tatineni Satyanarayana; Robertson Cecile J; Garnsey Stephen M;
Bar-Joseph Moshe; Gowda Siddarame; Dawson William O
"Three genes of Citrus tristeza virus are dispensable for infection
and movement throughout some varieties of citrus trees."

Folimonov Alexey S; Folimonova Svetlana Y; Bar-Joseph Moshe; Dawson
William O
"A stable RNA virus-based vector for citrus trees."

Now, I don’t know if this Bar-Joseph Moshe is the same as
plain old
Joseph Moshe
, but if it is then the OP’s post may have some meat to

Then the above poster added this comment which breaks this wide

"Prussian Blue
User ID: 719991
8/16/2009 3:08 AM
Re: LA Standoff Explained–Moshe Was Going Public About Vaccine

I’m still trying to find out things about Joseph Moshe.

Check out this photo of Joseph Moshe in his car (zoom in to 400%). [link to

And now, compare that to the picture included on page 5 of a slide
presentation entitled "Teaching Arab Homemakers to Keep Food Safe" at the following USDA website: [link to

Notice on page 2 Dr. Joseph Moshe is affiliated with ACCESS
Community Center for Social Services)
. Could these be the same person????

They sure appear to be to me!


Check out his hair and facial
features. Notice in particular the dark spot in the center of his
mustache. What might all this mean if these are pictures of the same man?
Beats the heck out of me!"


So assuming this is the same guy both by visual confirmation and
background checks, here’s what we’ve learned.



Above is an image of him in the car. Is there a possible resemblance?

Moshe Bar Joseph
, Prof. (Retiree)

Plant Protection, Plant Pathology and Weed Research
Research Interests / Job description
Telephone Tel: +97289350823
Cellphone Cell: +972509350823
Fax Fax: + 97289352826

[email protected]

Office location: Bet Dagan
Dept of Plant Pathology and Weed Research
ARO, The Volcani Center
Bet Dagan 50250



Research Interests / Job description

  • Management and control of virus and virus like disease agents of
    subtropical fruit trees, with special emphasis on citrus.

  • Certification programs, nursery propagation methods and modern
    cultivation practices of citrus & subtropical fruit trees .

  • Eradication policies and practices of potentialy epidemic disease
    agents of fruit trees.

  • Phytoplasma, Spiroplasma and insect vectored disease agents of
    citrus and subtropical fruit trees

  • Molecular characterization and evolution of Closteroviridae and of
    viroid disease agents.

  • Methods of pathogen detection and elimination.

  • Transgenic plants (citrus) and rapid propagation technologies.


1972 Ph.D. Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1984 Researcher, Grade A+ (equivalent to Professor, Dept of
Virology, ARO, The Volcani Research Center, Bet Dagan
1983-1984 Head of Department of Plant Pathology, Volcani Center
1995-1986 Head of Department of Plant Virology, Volcani Center
1994 -2004 Professor (Adjunct) Department of Life Sciences,
Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva.
1996-1997 Scientific Director, The Gilat Experiment Station,
Northern Negev.
1986-2004 Founder and Head of the S. Tolkowsky Laboratory for Citrus
Disease Research. ARO, Volcani Research Center, Bet Dagan
2004, 1st of September, Retired Officially after 39.5 years of


Supervision of Graduate Students

Since 1982, I served as an indepedent supervisor of PhD students
from the Faculty of Agriculture Rehovot, The Hebrew University ,
Jerusalem. In total 11 M.Sc. and 9 Ph.D. Students, have completed
their degrees under my supervision.


1980 The Lee Hutchins award, The American
Physiopathology Society
1996 Elected, Scientist of the Year, Agricultural Research
Organization, Israel

So, what we have established is that Joseph Moshe was a bio
scientist who specialized in plant disease and germs.

Now before I stray
here’s another interesting post from another
website which also made mention of Baxter Labs, and who stands to
make money off this new vaccine.


Dr. Mercola’s Comments

Last month vaccine maker Baxter International sent a mix of flu
vaccine and unlabelled H5N1 virus (the human form of bird flu) to an
Austrian research company. Expecting the shipment to contain only
flu vaccine, the Austrian company then sent portions of the
contaminated product to the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

It was only when researchers at a Czech Republic laboratory injected
ferrets with the vaccine, and they unexpectedly died, that the
contamination mistake was discovered.

But is “mistake” really an accurate term to describe this?

If this batch of live bird flu and seasonal flu viruses had reached
the public, it could have resulted in dire consequences.


Even though
H5N1 doesn’t easily infect people, the flu virus does. So if people
were exposed to both of these viruses, they would have become hosts
for the combined viruses, and would have become highly contagious
and able to transmit the deadly bird flu virus to others.

There is actually a name for this mixing of viruses; it’s called
“re-assortment,” and even The Canadian Press has pointed out that it
is one of two ways pandemic viruses are created.

Could the Contamination Have Been a Plot to Start a Deadly Pandemic?

A spokesman for Baxter said the virus material was supposed to
contain a seasonal flu virus and was contaminated after “human

Yet, other sources say Baxter International adheres to something
called BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3). This strict set of laboratory
safety protocols is in place to prevent the cross-contamination of
materials, and according to some may have made it virtually
impossible for the live bird flu virus to contaminate a flu vaccine
by accident.

Czech newspapers are among those questioning whether this was a
deliberate act to start a pandemic, and there’s even been talk of
plans to use the vaccines to carry out a form of population control.

But then there’s the issue of motive. Would Baxter have had any
reason to carry out such a malicious and deadly scheme?

Well, if a bird flu pandemic suddenly broke out, the demand for bird
flu vaccines would certainly skyrocket … and the profits from such a
mass vaccination program would be astronomical.

Does the Past Give us Any Clues?

You may be thinking that such a conspiracy is too far-fetched to be
accurate. But it is worth mentioning that some scientists say the
most recent global outbreak – the 1977 Russian flu – was started
by a virus leaked from a laboratory.

Further, drug companies are certainly not best known for their
sterling moral values.

In 2006, for instance, it came out that the drug company Bayer sold
millions of dollars worth of an injectable blood-clotting medicine
to Asian, Latin American, and some European countries in the
mid-1980s, even though they knew it was tainted with the AIDS virus.

So while it is unthinkable that a drug company would knowingly
contaminate flu vaccines with a deadly bird flu virus, it is
certainly not impossible.

How to Prevent All Flu’s, Even the “Deadly Ones,” Without

Whether or not the conspiracy theory is true, this whole scenario
brings up two very important points:

1. Vaccines can be contaminated with dangerous substances (even
above and beyond their already dangerous components)
2. Vaccines are not the answer to protecting yourself from flu
outbreaks of any kind

Remember back in 2005, when headlines warned that the U.S. was
facing a cataclysmic extermination event, with a calculated 2
million Americans succumbing to the bird flu, and the best-case
scenario taking only 200,000 lives?

The case of “the impending pandemic of the Avian Flu” might as well
have been a fictional mini-series, as it never materialized. What
was really going on was a scenario filled with greed and political

By igniting fear in the public and massaging some key statistics,
the powers-that-be were able to justify the expense of a massive
vaccine stockpile to ward off the bird flu.

At $100 per dose, the United States used taxpayers’ dollars to
purchase some 20 million doses of the highly questionable Tamiflu,
lining the pockets of then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who was
president of Gilead Sciences when they created the drug.

But I digress. If you want to read more about all the lies and
corruption surrounding the avian “super-flu” that never was, read my
The Great Bird Flu Hoax

For now, my point is that there are always going to be threats of
flu pandemics, real or created, and there will always be potentially
toxic vaccines that are peddled as the solution.

But you can break free of that whole drug-solution trap by following
some natural health principles.

I have not caught the flu in 20 years, and you can avoid it too,
without getting vaccinated, by following these simple guidelines,
which will keep your immune system in optimal working order so that
you’re far less likely to acquire the infection to begin with.

  • Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels

    Getting appropriate amounts of
    sunshine (or taking a vitamin D supplement when you can’t get
    healthy amounts of sun exposure) is one of my KEY preventive
    strategies against the cold and flu, as it has such a strengthening
    effect on your immune system.

  • Avoid Sugar and Eat Right for Your Nutritional Type

    decreases the function of your immune system almost immediately, and
    as you likely know, a strong immune system is key to fighting off
    viruses and other illness. Be aware that sugar is present in foods
    you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice.

  • Get Enough Rest

    Just like it becomes harder for you to get your
    daily tasks done if you’re tired, if your body is overly fatigued it
    will be harder for it to fight the flu.

  • Deal With Stress

    We all face some stress everyday, but if stress
    becomes overwhelming then your body will be less able to fight off
    the flu and other illness. If you feel that stress is taking a toll on your health, consider
    using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is remarkably
    effective in relieving stress associated with all kinds of events,
    from work to family to trauma.

  • Exercise

    When you exercise, you increase your circulation and
    your blood flow throughout your body. The components of your immune
    system are also better circulated, which means your immune system
    has a better chance of finding an illness before it spreads.

  • Take a Good Source of Omega-3 Fats Like Krill Oil

    Increase your
    intake of healthy and essential fats like the omega-3 found in krill
    oil, which is crucial for maintaining health.

  • Wash Your Hands

    Washing your hands with plain soap and water will
    decrease your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or
    other people. But don’t overdo it. Washing your hands too much can
    actually remove much of the protective layer on your skin and
    increase your changes of acquiring an infection.

  • Eat Garlic Regularly

    Garlic works like a broad-spectrum
    antibiotic against bacteria, virus, and protozoa in the body. And
    unlike with antibiotics, no resistance can be built up so it is an
    absolutely safe product to use.

Ok, so you’ve sat thru this (or not) and are probably saying to
yourself… WTF is he talking about.

Remember the missing Ukranian ship?

"The vaccine is manufactured in the Ukraine… hey, wait a minute,
isn’t that runaway ship that the Russians are freaking out about
from the Ukraine? Hmmm.

Anonymous Coward 723198

And yet another eye opening comment from a GLPer

"Anonymous Coward
User ID: 569633
8/16/2009 1:00 PM
Re: LA Standoff Explained
– Moshe Was Going Public About Vaccine

Didn’t read the post but remember few days ago a post
about "heroes" coming or something like that… and not being
funny one bit but this reminds me of X-Files… guys with
strange powers… boats disappearing etc… hell I’ve dug deep into the x-file shows and the
info within is a lot of the times spot on… just saying!… this
could be an yet unseen event to "change the timeline!" or thwart the
40 year cycle… mention by

Gregg Braden
and many others… its never
black n white… and the masses are quickly learning this…"

Also something that strikes everyone as odd, is in the last 4 years
exactly 81 microbiologists

scientists have met violent or highly suspect
. That’s right, count them 81.

This seems to be a very dangerous field.
You can confirm that by going to the LIST OF DEAD SCIENTISTS

Many people are asserting Moshe was fully aware of this and was
attempting to secure his safety by making it to the Israeli
Mainstream media has all but erased the incident or re-written the
history of it from further mention which in itself should be the
real crime here.

This will continue to be an ongoing investigation as additional
facts surface.

I suspect the results will not be the same portrait painted by those
behind the curtain.




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